January 22, 2020

Master Flawless Face Makeup In 5 Easy Steps

There are so many beauty products and makeup tutorials out there, with thousands of beauty bloggers promoting them that it’s hard to know how to master quick and easy makeup tips. Whether you are new to makeup or someone who does it for a living, it’s always great to check out tips to master that flawless face. Here are ours. What’s yours?

  1. Prep Your Skin Before You Apply Makeup

To have a good makeup day, start with skincare. The idea behind a flawless face is to enhance your own beauty and that all starts with simple skincare. Star your prep the night before. Put on an overnight moisturizing face mask every night before you go to bed. In the morning after you wash your face, put on your favorite lightweight day moisturizer and a brightening eye cream. These will serve as a base for your foundation and concealer, give your makeup something to cling to, and make your skin look fresh all day.

  1. Build From Your Base

The base you choose will depend on your skin type, but whether you use a full coverage foundation or something lighter, ditch the brush or sponge in favor of your fingers. The foundation will warm up with your touch and you will be able to blend it more seamlessly into your face by massaging with your fingers. This will give your base a more natural look and glow, avoiding cakiness.

  1. Highlight Your Facial Structure

For a flawless face you want to make sure you enhance your natural facial structure. Contour and bronze around your cheekbones and jawline to add definition. Make sure to use a shade that isn’t too orange or red in tone. You want to look like you and not some goofy cartoon character. Cooler tone bronzers and contour sticks help to add shadow to your face. Then go in with a highlighter. Pick one that works with your natural skin tone instead of something glittery or holographic. A muted gold hue can do wonders above the cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose.

  1. Add Brightness to Your Eyes

Enhance your eyes with just a bit of makeup. Use your fingertips to apply a thin layer of primer on your eyelids; a Q-tip to apply under your eyes. A great trick is to prime your eyes with concealer and add a wash of a neutral color. A rust or copper goes with any look at any time of year—if it has a bit of shimmer, that’s all the better as it will draw attention to your eyes. Add a bit of mascara and that’s really all you need.

  1. Plump Your Lips

Lastly, add some plump to your lips. Large, juicy lips are the in thing right now, but you want them to look natural. It can help to overdraw around your cupid’s bow to add some definition and then go over with a clear or shimmery gloss. This will give you a fuller lip and add that trendy wet sheen as well.


Don’t overcomplicate your makeup routine for an everyday look. These five steps are a great way to create your own flawless face quickly every morning. Do you have your own techniques? If you love makeup and beauty tips and tricks, maybe you’re ready to become a professional makeup artist. At Salon Success Academy, our Make-Up Designory/ MUD Makeup Beauty Essentials Course will train you in the theory and application of professional makeup. Fill out the form now to check it out.


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