May 8, 2019

10 Quick and Easy Makeup Tips Even You Can Master

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With the popularity of makeup tutorials and beauty bloggers, it’s no wonder the makeup industry has exploded over the past few years. Did you know that the global makeup industry is expected to be worth $85 billion by 2024?1 That may be why makeup can be so expensive!

And sometimes those beauty bloggers sound like they’re talking to professionals and not the average consumer. Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of makeup or you want to perfect your makeup routine, here are 10 quick and easy makeup tips that you can master.

1. Start with Your Eyes

Perfecting your eye makeup can be tricky, which is why it’s best to get it done first. That way, if you make a mistake, you can correct it without messing up the makeup on other areas of your face.

2. Use Scotch Tape for The Perfect Cat Eye

It’s easy to copy Taylor Swift’s signature cat eye, and you don’t need the skills of her personal makeup artist to do it. All you need are two pieces of scotch tape. Place a piece underneath each eye, at the same angle as the contours of your cheekbones. Then apply your liner. The best part is, if you mess up, your mistake comes off with the tape!

3. Use Natural Colors Around Your Eyes

Dark colors can make a statement, but for an everyday look they can be too much. Eye shadows that match your skin tone can make your eyes look larger and more awake, and a thin line of white eyeliner on the inside rims of your eyes can also them look wider and brighter.

4. Accentuate Your Brows

Your eyebrows accentuate your face and play an important role in communicating with others, so you want to draw positive attention to them. Take your concealer and lightly apply it below each brow. This will make your flawless arches look higher and more arched, giving you a brow lift without the surgery.

5. Double Curl Your Lashes

You don’t need a pair of falsies to have gorgeous lashes. Take your eyelash curler and curl your lashes normally. Then, rotate your wrist so the curler is upside down, and curl your lashes again. This will give an extra curve to your lashes so they look longer. To keep the curl lasting all day, turn on your blow dryer and lightly heat up the lash curler. It’s an instant curling iron for your lashes!

6. Apply Concealer in a Triangle Shape

Concealer can cover any unwanted blemishes, including dark under-eye circles. Most people dab a few dots of it under their eyes, but the better way to cover those circles is with a triangle shape. From the inside corner of your eye to the outside corner of your eye, and down to the middle of your check, draw an upside down triangle. Gently blend the concealer into your skin for a brighter, fuller look.

7. Hold Your Brush Vertically

When adding color to your cheeks you want to give them a rosy glow. You don’t want them to look like a bad oil painting. To avoid this, hold the brush vertically instead of horizontally so just the right amount of blush is applied to your skin.

8. Color Your Cheeks With Lipstick

Did you run out of blush? Don’t panic. Lightly coat your fingertips with a red, pink, or coral lipstick and gently rub on the apples of your cheeks for a natural-looking glow.

9. Brush Your Lips

Grab an old toothbrush and some lip gloss and gently brush your lips as if you were brushing your teeth. This will remove any dry, flaky skin for smoother — and more kissable — lips.

10. Make Your Lips Look Fuller, But Natural

Large, luscious lips are all the rage right now, but the key is to make them look natural. Instead of tracing the full outline of your lips, choose one area to plump. Overdraw around the bottom of your lip or around the Cupid’s bow, which is the middle part of your top lip. If you don’t have lip liner, a thin line of foundation around the Cupid’s bow will give the same effect.

Once you master these makeup tips, you may be motivated to develop your skills ever further. At Salon Success Academy, you will learn all of the beauty tips and tricks that will turn you from an amateur into a professional. To learn more, call 1-877-987-HAIR (4247) or fill out the form.


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