Where Salon Success Academy Began

Our California beauty school has a long history that began over sixty years ago with our founder, Richard Gross. Back then, the school was known as Richard’s Beauty School. Now, Salon Success Academy has six locations throughout California’s Inland Empire, and we continue to provide our students with an education that can help help them succeed in their future beauty-related careers. Whether you have a passion for hair, skincare, nails, men’s hairstyles, or make-up, we have a program that could be for you. Keep reading to learn more about our family-owned and operated beauty school!


Ms. P

For nearly two decades, Ms. P has seen hair and fashion come together into something beautiful. Her proudest accomplishment is becoming a cosmetology instructor. She loves seeing her students have a “light bulb” moment when they just “get it.” She always finds it rewarding when students visit the school and thank her for helping them pass the State Board.

Ms. Julia

Ms. Julia has been in the beauty industry for half her life and after nearly two decades of service with Salon Success Academy as an esthetics instructor, Ms. Julia currently serves as an instructor emeritus. She has helped thousands of esthetician students graduate and start new careers in the beauty industry. She loves the family-orientated atmosphere at Salon Success Academy and we are so grateful that she is still committed to helping students even in retirement.

Ms. Nelly

Almost 30 years ago, Nelly first decided to get into the beauty industry at Salon Success Academy. She loves the positive learning environment and enjoys watching the students get their license and find success in the industry. She’s proud of her ability to help young people achieve their goals.

Ms. Clara

Ms. Judy | Director of Training


Meet Ms. Judy, a seasoned veteran in the beauty industry for 36 years, who has dedicated the past 14 years to shaping future cosmetologists. Ms. Judy’s takes pride in the module system that fosters well-rounded students within their scope of practice. Her favorite aspect of teaching? Witnessing the “ah-ha” moments when struggling students grasp a concept and begin to think like stylists. With a Teacher Training Certificate, Sassoon Cutting Certificate, and 20 years of successful business-building behind the chair, Ms. Judy brings a wealth of technical expertise to our school. While she may not have a favorite saying, her philosophy revolves around the idea of continuous growth and lifelong learning. For Ms. Judy, education is about laying a strong foundation upon which students can build their careers, guided by the mantra: “Never stop growing.” Join Ms. Judy on her mission to empower the next generation of beauty professionals and instill in them the value of perpetual education and growth.

Ms. Veronica | West Covina Campus Director

Veronica joined the beauty industry about 15 years ago because she had always enjoyed doing hair. Her favorite part about being an instructor at Salon Success Academy is being able to witness her students’ success. Over the years, she has had many proud accomplishments including winning salon hair contests.

Ms. Cierra | West Covina Associate Director


Ms. Michelle | Redlands Campus Director


Ms. Michelle, a seasoned professional with 23 years of experience in the beauty industry, now entering her eighth year as an educator. Inspired by her own instructors during cosmetology school, particularly her barber instructor and advanced color instructor, Ms. Michelle found her calling in education. Her favorite aspect of teaching lies in witnessing the evolution of her students’ skills and the infusion of their fresh, vibrant energy into the industry. With dual licenses in cosmetology and barbering, along with certification as a makeup artist, Ms. Michelle brings a wealth of technical expertise to her campus. Guided by the motto “When emotions are high, intelligence is low,” she emphasizes the importance of maintaining composure and clarity in all situations. Join Ms. Michelle on her journey of mentorship, skill development, and empowering the next generation of beauty professionals.

Ms. Christy | Redlands Associate Director


Ms. Chrsity is beloved by her students. She brings a wealth of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and professional makeup artist. At Salon Success Academy, Ms. Christy teaches both the cosmetology and esthetics programs as well as the Make-up Designory Beauty Essentials course. As an educator, Ms. Chrsity likes to share her knowledge with students and watch their journey as they begin to master the skills of their new careers.

Ms. Linda | Fontana Campus Director


Meet Ms. Linda, a seasoned professional with dual licenses as a Cosmetologist and Barber, boasting 20 years of industry experience. Formerly a successful salon owner for 13 years, she brings invaluable insights into the business side of beauty. With expertise spanning Nail Technology and Advanced Comprehensive Haircutting and Haircoloring from Sassoon Academy, Mrs. Linda’s true passion lies in educating future beauty professionals.

Ms. Blackshear | Corona Campus Director


Introducing Mrs. Blackshear, a luminary in the beauty industry for 23 years and a dedicated educator for 14 years. Guided by the motto “He who fails to plan is planning to fail,” Mrs. Blackshear embodies a commitment to excellence and meticulous preparation in both her professional endeavors and her teaching philosophy. Join Mrs. Blackshear on her journey as she empowers students to excel in the dynamic world of beauty education, one meticulously planned step at a time.

Mrs. Nunez | Corona Campus Associate Director


Introducing Mrs. Nunez, an esteemed veteran of the beauty industry for 38 years, with 19 of those years dedicated to shaping future professionals as a Cosmetology Instructor. Her guiding principle, “There’s no time to be wasted,” reflects her relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to making every moment count. Mrs. Nunez’s journey into education was inspired by a profound realization: the importance of passing on knowledge to ensure its legacy. Driven by her passion for teaching, helping, and giving, she believes in the transformative power of sharing wisdom and experiences. For Mrs. Nunez, life is not about coincidences but about purposeful encounters where lessons are both learned and taught.

Ms. Shayla | Riverside Campus Director


Ms. Shay, a dynamic presence in the beauty industry for 11 years, now entering her eighth year as an educator. Driven by a passion for both teaching and the beauty industry, Ms. Shay found her calling in education, where she derives joy from guiding others towards success. Her favorite aspect of teaching is nurturing each student’s creativity, witnessing their transformation as they bring their artistic vision to life. Ms. Shay empowers her students to excel in the ever-evolving beauty landscape. Her guiding mantra: “If you are having trouble deciding on what you want, take the first step and let the journey unfold.” Join Ms. Shay on her journey of creativity, education, and empowerment in the world of beauty.

Ms. Paty | Upland Campus Director


Introducing Ms. Paty, a seasoned cosmetologist with 24 years of expertise, who has dedicated the past decade to nurturing the next generation of beauty professionals. Her favorite aspect of teaching is witnessing the metamorphosis of her students as they discover and embrace their passion, blooming into industry-ready professionals. With extensive training from renowned brands like Redken, CND, Wella Color, and Sassoon, Ms. Paty brings a wealth of technical knowledge and innovation to her teaching. Inspired by the words of Frida Kahlo, her favorite quotes, “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” and “I paint flowers so they will not die,” embody her belief in the power of creativity, resilience, and the pursuit of beauty. Join Ms. Paty on her journey of empowerment and artistic expression in the vibrant world of cosmetology.

Ms. Stevie | Upland Associate Director


Introducing Ms. Stevie, a dynamic presence in the beauty industry for 11 years. Her favorite part of teaching lies in witnessing the transformation of her students as they gain confidence and take charge of their professional destinies. With advanced training from esteemed brands like Mud, Redken, and TiGi, Ms. Stevie brings a wealth of technical expertise to her school. Inspired by the resilience of nature, her favorite quote, “Be like the birds, sing after every storm,” encapsulates her belief in finding strength and joy amidst life’s challenges. Beyond the beauty realm, Ms. Stevie enjoys immersing herself in diverse interests, from indulging in Disneyland adventures to delving into captivating books and documentaries. A self-proclaimed fan of Star Wars and Marvel movies, Ms. Stevie brings her passion for storytelling and exploration into every aspect of her life.

Ms. Brandy | Director of Campus Affairs


Ms. Brandy, a seasoned professional in the beauty industry since 2006 and a dedicated educator since 2009. With a lifelong passion for education, Ms. Brandy found her calling in teaching within the beauty realm after embarking on her own career journey. Her favorite aspect of teaching is witnessing students ignite their own enthusiasm for an industry she holds dear, fostering their growth and passion along the way. Join Ms. Brandy on her inspiring educational journey as she continues to empower aspiring beauty professionals.

Ms. Monique | Social Media Coordinator


The beauty industry is a magical place and my time as a Salon Success student was nothing short of that. I fell in love with helping people shine from the inside out as a hairstylist and makeup artist. After graduating and working in the beauty industry I was offered the opportunity to uplift and showcase students as a social media manager for Salon Success. I love interacting with students and being able to capture the moment for them so they will always be able to look back at where they started.

Ms. Jade | Admissions Coordinator


I’ve been in Admissions in the beauty industry for 13 years.  I enjoy helping prospective students get started in a career they are passionate about.

Ms. Christina | Vice President of Compliance & Student Services

See What Our Students Have To Say


“This is such a great school, I met wonderful people and had great teachers. Thank you for such a great experience.”

Steph J.

Steph J.


“This was such an amazing campus to train me for my future career! Amazing teachers and staff I couldn’t imagine starting my career anywhere else!”

Trinity L.

Trinity L.


“I attended the West Covina location for manicuring I enjoyed every minute I was at school I would 100% recommended it, I know it can be intimidating to start a new journey but I can guarantee you, you will not regret coming to salon success! ❤️”

Carina C.

Carina C.

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