Instructor Biographies


Instructor Curtis S

Mr. Curtis | Director of Admissions
Curtis has been in the beauty industry for about 6 years. Curtis finds that the most rewarding part of his job is witnessing students transform from novices to industry professionals.


Instructor Katrina S

Miss. Katrina
Katrina has been in the beauty industry for almost 30 years. Her favorite part about being an instructor at Salon Success Academy is being part of a family and a great vision for education. She’s most proud of her transformation from stylist to educator. She says it’s the best feeling to help them follow their dreams.


Instructor Petrie S

Miss. Petrie
For over 16 years, Petrie has seen hair and fashion come together into something beautiful. Her proudest accomplishment is becoming a cosmetology instructor. She loves seeing her students have a “light bulb” moment when they just “get it.” She always finds it rewarding when students visit the school and thank her for helping them pass the State Board.


Instructor Abby S

Miss. Abby
For about 11 years, Abby has been expressing her creativity through coloring hair, styling nail art, and doing makeup. As a floor instructor, Abby enjoys sharing her knowledge with the students, knowing that they’re receiving a quality education that they can carry with them. The most rewarding part of her job is knowing that she can make a difference in a student’s life.


Instructor Stephanie S

Miss. Stephanie
Stephanie has been in the beauty industry for almost 40 years and has loved doing hair ever since she was sixteen. She enjoys teaching the students the cutting and coloring techniques they need to be successful in their careers like how to be professional with clients. At Salon Success Academy, she can fulfill her passion by helping people feel good about themselves.


Instructor Crystal S

Miss. Crystal
Crystal first joined the beauty industry about six years ago. At Salon Success Academy, Crystal teaches core classes for students during their first year. As an educator, Crystal likes to share her knowledge with students and watch their journey as they begin to master the skills of their new career.


Instructor Julia S

Miss. Julia
Julia has been in the beauty industry for almost 20 years. She teaches Esthetician and is proud of the work she does, helping people benefit from relaxation. She loves the family orientated atmosphere at Salon Success Academy, which is something that resonates well with the students.


Instructor Christine S

Miss. Christine
For over 10 years, Christine has used cosmetology as an outlet to express her creativity. In the past, she worked and learned alongside accomplished hairstylists. At Salon Success Academy, she teaches Sassoon techniques and enjoys the ability to pass on her knowledge to her students and watch them succeed.


Instructor Veronica S

Miss. Veronica
Veronica joined the beauty industry about 15 years ago because she had always enjoyed doing hair. Her favorite part about being an instructor at Salon Success Academy is being able to witness her students’ success. Over the years, she has had many proud accomplishments including winning salon hair contests.


Instructor Nelly S

Miss. Nelly
Almost 30 years ago, Nelly first decided to get into the beauty industry at Salon Success Academy. She loves the positive learning environment and enjoys watching the students get their license and find success in the industry. She’s proud of her ability to help young people achieve their goals.


Instructor LizMiss. Liz
Liz has been in the beauty industry since 2004 and loves the freedom her profession gives her to be creative. She’s had an exciting career traveling and working at fashion shows, high-end salons, and color labs. At Salon Success Academy, she primarily teaches Sassoon ABC haircut and color and truly enjoys watching her students grow as individuals.


Instructor Brandy

Miss. Brandy | Corona Campus Director
Brandy has been in the beauty industry since 2005 and is a licensed cosmetologist and barber. Brandy is a director of Corona and she also teaches and assists on the salon floor, specializing in makeup. She loves connecting with and inspiring young stylists.


Instructor Judy S

Miss. Judy | Redlands Campus Director
Judy has been in the beauty industry for nearly 25 years. At Salon Success Academy, she primarily teaches students about Sassoon cutting and color. She spent time at the Sassoon Academy to learn the ABC techniques and returned to share these principles with her students. Her greatest joy comes when one of her students has a “light bulb” moment.


Instructor Robin S

Miss. Robin | Upland Campus Director
Robin is creative by nature and has always loved hair. That’s exactly why she got into the beauty industry almost 20 years ago. She loves interacting with and inspiring students, and most of all, witnessing the students’ growth all the way from enrollment to graduation.


                                                         Miss. Kyrsten | Fontana Campus Director


                                                         Miss. Linda | West Covina Campus Director


                                                        Miss. Blackshear | Riverside Campus Director




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