How to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

If you love cosmetics and transforming other people’s looks through the power of makeup, then a career as a professional makeup artist would be a good fit for you! The most important part of being a successful makeup artist is having passion, creativity, and an intense love for makeup. If you’ve already got these qualities, then everything else you need to know can be easily learned!  Here’s how to become a professional makeup artist:

Go to cosmetology school – Makeup artists aren’t required to have a license and therefore aren’t required to go to beauty school. However, beauty school will give you the basic skills, techniques, and training that will serve as a backbone for your entire career. Having that cosmetology school diploma could also put you ahead of other makeup artists when competing for future jobs.

Invest in your kit – You don’t have to have everything under the sun in your makeup kit, but you do need the right set of supplies in your kit so you’re prepared for whatever job comes at you.  This means a variety of brushes, makeup primers, and foundations to match every skin tone. For more information, follow this checklist on How to Stock Your Beauty Kit Like A Pro.

Professional portfolio – Your portfolio will always be the best way to showcase your makeup skills to new clients. Hire a professional photographer so you have professional photos of your best makeup looks. You’ll want to have two versions of your portfolio – a print version and an online version. Try to put the emphasis on your online portfolio. It’s easily accessible to everyone and will therefore be key to building your clientele base. Read these Tips to Get Your Portfolio Online.

Work as an assistant– Assisting a makeup artist on location is one of the most valuable learning opportunities for any budding makeup artist. Do the job right and you’ll gain a mentor who will give you insider advice and valuable feedback that can help you truly get ahead in your career.

Network, network, network – When you’re ready to step out on your own, the biggest challenge you’ll face is when beginning to build your clientele. Hand out your business card to anyone who will take it. Also, make yourself known to local wedding planners and photographers who can refer you for jobs. Remember the majority of your work will always come from referrals, so always strive to keep your existing clients happy. Read these tips for How to Increase Your Client Retention.

Continue your education – The beauty industry is changing every day. Do your best to stay up-to-date on new trends and techniques in the world of makeup. Take certification classes about special makeup skills such as special effects, corrective or permanent makeup. Makeup artists with specialties will always increase their earning potential.

What other good advice would you give to someone interested in a career as a professional makeup artist? Sound off by commenting below!

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