January 29, 2020

Benefits of Going Organic as an Esthetician

organic skin products

Did you know that the largest human organ is your skin? As an esthetician, you get to provide that skin—and your clients—some serious tender love and care. After all, your skin goes through a lot in a day. Especially your face! Exposure to sun and air and wind and extreme temperatures—and chemicals—can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s why a luxurious, organic facial can restore and rejuvenate. Whether you get or give facials, you probably already know that organic is in, but here are the real benefits of going organic as an esthetician:

  1. Organics Skin Products are Chemical Free

Just stepping outside can harm your skin! That’s because there are chemicals in the air in the form of pollution. The last thing you need when you lay down for a luxuriant facial are more harmful chemicals. Organic means chemical-free. You and your clients can relax knowing that the only thing being absorbed into the skin during a facial are organic skin products that are good for you like vitamins,  minerals, herbs, and essential oils.

  1. Organics are Gentler on Skin

A top benefit of organic facials is that they are gentler on your skin than old-school facials that relied on abrasive and harmful chemicals. Organics are especially appealing to your clients who have sensitive skin. Their skin won’t break out and they won’t experience that uncomfortable tight feeling. And because organic facials reduce overall discomfort, it will be easier for your clients to truly relax while they get pampered. Isn’t that one of the main points of a facial?

  1. Organic Skin Products Have Healing Properties

Organic facials will provide your clients with a deep cleansing, but many of the oils and herbs used to make organic facials also offer healing agents like antioxidants. These can be helpful when you have clients with sun damaged or aging skin. Also, many organic products have anti-bacterial properties which can help clear up the skin and prevent breakouts.

  1. Organics are Good Business

In case you haven’t noticed, organics are in! That means your clients expect you to offer them. In fact, they demand it. So if you go organic and your competitors are stuck in the chemical mud, you’ll win their business. You’ll be ahead of the curve, learning and growing, and becoming an expert. When you can market yourself as an expert in organic skincare, clients will trust you and come to you for all their skincare needs.


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