5 Organic Skin Products You’ll Want to Consider as an Esthetician

organic skin products

Have you ever heard of the dirty dozen? It’s a list of fruits and vegetables that should only be eaten organically because of their high exposure to pesticides. There isn’t much argument over the healthiness of organic produce, but when it comes to organic skin products, the jury is still out. But if we’ve grown concerned over what we put in our bodies, shouldn’t we be just as concerned about what we put on our bodies? Especially if you become an Esthetician, you’ll want to gather all the facts you can.

Benefits of Organic Skin Products

If you’re an esthetician, you should consider switching from non-organic skin products to organic. Here’s why:

They’re Biocompatible

That’s just a fancy way of saying that they are absorbed better by your skin. Because organics contain natural ingredients instead of chemicals and harsh compounds, your body can recognize them and utilize them.

They Work

Because they’re biocompatible, your body can process organics and at a much rapider rate than non-organic products. This means you’ll see glowing radiant skin within days or even hours as opposed to weeks.

They’re Allergenic

Clients with sensitive skin will appreciate organic products because they don’t contain harsh irritants that can inflame their skin.

They’re Better for the Environment

Because they are all natural, organic products won’t pollute the environment or harm wildlife.


If you’re ready to make the switch to organic, here are the top five products you’ll want to start with:


Wait, isn’t all wax organic? Actually, it’s not. Some waxes are known as pseudo-waxes, or waxes that contain non-organic ingredients. These ingredients include the waste and byproducts of florals, as well as hydrogenated oils that have interacted with chemicals. The downside to these ingredients is that they are stripped of all of the components that are beneficial to your skin. Organic wax, on the other hand, is better for sensitive skin. It’s less irritating, less painful, and can prevent ingrown hairs. 


Organic moisturizer can leave skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. It can also plump skin up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, irritations that you may see from regular moisturizers, such as red patches, dryness, and breakouts, can clear up rapidly when you use their organic counterparts.


Organic face masks are filled with vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and fruit enzymes that will nourish your client’s skin. They will also unclog pores, kill bacteria, and remove dead skin.


All-natural astringents can do more than clean skin. They can also tighten pores, make skin appear smoother, and reduce irritations.


Cosmetics do penetrate the skin, and the non-organic variety can be composed of artificial colors and fragrances, allergens, aluminum, preservatives and other ingredients that can have a harmful effect on your health. Organic makeup is much better for everyone, and especially those with skin conditions and sensitive skin.

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