March 18, 2015

6 Secrets to Help You Succeed in Beauty School

Do you want to have a successful career in the beauty industry? It all starts with choosing the right school and making the most of your time there. Here are 6 secrets to help you succeed in beauty school:

1.  Model the professional you want to become. It’s never too early to get serious about your career. That means acting like the professional cosmetologist or esthetician you hope to become. Show up to beauty school every day on time, dressed appropriately, well-prepared with all the tools of your trade, and with a great attitude.

2.  Learn by doing. Hands-on experience in beauty school is the key to unlocking your future success. As a student, you get to watch, learn, practice, and even make mistakes. Use your time in school to hone your skills and train for your practical interview. Get guidance, tips, and help from your instructors now, so you’re better prepared for your professional life after school.

3.  Find a mentor. Do you have a special bond with one of your instructors? Connect with staff, instructors, and student ambassadors who can help and encourage you. Find a mentor who can guide you along the way. Maintain the relationships after graduation.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”Vfqme” via=”no” ]Connect with staff, instructors, and student ambassadors to find a mentor[/ctt]

4.       Get involved. Become an active member of your school’s community. Attend events, guest lectures, and demonstrations. At beauty school, you’ll be surrounded by people who share a similar passion. Introduce yourself to others and make new friends. Those people may also be great connections to new contacts, jobs, and opportunities in the beauty industry.

5.  Know the ins and outs. Do you have a passion for helping others look and feel beautiful? Stay up-to-date on all the latest trends. Read blogs, browse Pinterest for new ideas, and chat with your own hairstylist or esthetician. Your industry know-how will offer your clients high quality service and speak volumes to salons and spas which want an employee who is knowledgeable and adaptable.

6.  Find a balance. If you really want to make the most of beauty school, you need to find a proper balance between it and all your other responsibilities. Don’t forget to make time for yourself. Spending time with family and friends can give you a break from school and can also help motivate you to reach your professional goals.

If you want to be successful in beauty school and in your career, Salon Success Academy can help! We offer programs that’ll give you hands-on instruction and State Board preparation to help prepare you for your future. The clinic labs are real salon environments where you’ll learn and practice on clients and develop professional customer service skills. Contact us today at 877-987-4247 to learn more.




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