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Why Choose Salon Success Academy?

Salon Success Academy was established in 1960 as Richard’s Beauty College. Family-owned and operated by beauty industry professionals for more than sixty years, Salon Success Academy has the experience that makes a difference. With six locations, we are big enough to provide unique opportunities but small enough to maintain personal relationships.

Your career is too important to leave in the hands of just any beauty college. At Salon Success Academy, we have more than five decades of experience, an amazingly talented and caring staff and a passion that matches yours! Compare us to any other training program. We think you’ll choose success! Here are a few reasons why Salon Success Academy could be for you.

Experience Our “Starting Smart” Orientation Program

During orientation you’ll be introduced to campus life. You will meet the faculty and staff who will guide you through the next months, have a chance to meet other students, and receive all the equipment and tools you’ll use as you begin your beauty career. We also provide you with a continental breakfast and answer any questions you may have.

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassador Program gives you the chance to develop confidence and leadership skills. Ambassadors represent Salon Success during our Starting Smart Orientation and mentor new students. As a student, you can be supported by peers who want to see you succeed, and if you want to become an ambassador yourself, you can have opportunities to represent our beauty college in the community, meet with experts in the field, and attend industry hair shows.

This is one of the only programs of its kind in the beauty school industry, and it has been proven to help build confidence and skills.

Learn From Supportive Staff

We are a “people-helping company.” Our staff is provided with ongoing training and testing to ensure that they are among the best. This translates into an atmosphere where our students know we care about their progress, and ultimately, their professional success.

Get Extra Time To Complete Your Courses

Cosmetology is a 1,200 clock hour course that requires a minimum of 30 weeks to complete. At Salon Success Academy, we understand that life happens. We give you a 35-week enrollment window, allowing for personal or sick time if you need it. Most students complete our program within that time, without additional changes.

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Accredited Programs

All of our Salon Success Academy campuses are accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, NACCAS. Accreditation ensures the highest standard in cosmetology education. All of our campuses have achieved the highest level of recognition from NACCAS.

Financial Aid Is Available

We offer financial aid to those who qualify, including student loans, Pell Grants, and private loans. Part of our mission is to provide our students with every opportunity to complete their education at the lowest cost possible. We have financial aid consultants at each campus who can help you through the process. Repayment of student loans can be deferred up to six months after graduation.

Participate in Externships

Salon Success Academy was the first beauty college in the country to offer externships to our students. An externship gives you the opportunity to work off campus at a professional salon or spa with actual clients. Not only could you be hired straight from your externship—as many of our students are—but the 160 hours counts toward your license requirements.

Be Prepared To Sit for the State Board

We were instrumental in the legislation that created a pre-application process so you can take your state board exam as soon as you complete your program. Once you have completed the required hours toward your license, we also administer mock exams designed to prepare you for the real thing and identify areas on which you may need additional preparation. Then, we help you do just that, working closely with you to help you reach your potential.

Salon Management Classes

You’ll learn how to build a clientele, create a professional portfolio, and practice your people skills, all in the first few weeks of class! We’ll even teach you the ins-and-outs of running a professional salon. At Salon Success Academy, we don’t train you for a job. We prepare you for a career.

Community Outreach

At Salon Success Academy, we’re not only committed to making a difference in your life; we want to make a difference in the lives of others. We’re active community members and help in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year—and love to get the whole school involved. If you think giving back is the right thing to do, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to help.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Salon Success Academy was the first beauty school in the country to rethink beauty school design. Our facilities are divided into spacious classrooms for lectures and hands-on practice. The clinic labs are real salon environments where students learn and practice on paying clients and develop professional customer service skills. All services are provided by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

Professional Memberships

Salon Success Academy is a member of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS). This national organization provides us with the best practices in effective school management. We are also the co-founder of the Professional Beauty Federation of California (PBFC).

Salon Success Academy owner Robert Gross was a co-founder—and is a current board member of—the Professional Beauty Federation of California. To learn more about this important state organization, visit www.beautyfederation.org.

Ready To Pursue Your Beauty School Education?

Salon Success Academy can help you begin training for a new career in the beauty industry today! Call us at 1-877-987-HAIR (4247) or fill out our form below to learn more about everything our beauty schools have to offer you.



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Our mission is to equip our students with the tools necessary to succeed in the beauty industry by providing exceptional technical education in the classroom and servicing our local communities. The training our students receive will enable them to successfully attain employment in the beauty industry and related fields.

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