April 29, 2015

What You’ll Learn in Barbering School

Barbershops are making a comeback, popping up all over the country. Do you want to join the exciting world of barbering? First, you’ll need quality career training in a licensed barbering school. Here’s what you’ll learn:


The barbering school you choose should teach you a basic scientific understanding of the scalp and hair. You’ll learn about hair anatomy and physiology so you can properly cut, color, style, and treat hair. You’ll also learn about the finer points of men’s grooming and styling. Consider this education ongoing as new trends become popular. Even the most experienced barber needs to continuously hone their craft.


A barbering program will teach you skills and techniques necessary to start a successful career. Many beauty schools offer hands-on instruction in the latest cutting, coloring, and grooming techniques. You should also get firsthand experience and plenty of practice polishing your skills on real clients.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”OZf8W” via=”no” ]Barbering school will teach you the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your clients safe[/ctt]

Sanitation and Safety

Protect yourself and your clients! As a barber, you’ll work with sharp tools and potentially harmful chemicals. In school, you’ll learn the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your clients safe. Proper sanitation to disinfect your tools will lessen the risk of infection. Practice with tools like scissors, razors, and trimmers will help make you an expert and ensure that you avoid nicks and cuts to you and your clients.

Customer Service

Whether you work in a salon or barbershop, quality customer service can make or break your career. Your barber training should teach you all about customer service and the business skills you’ll need to work in this growing profession. Customer service is about listening to your clients to keep them coming back time after time.

State Board Preparation

Passing the state board exam is the key to unlocking your future career as a barber. After clocking in the hours toward your license, many beauty schools offer a mock state board exam. Instructors in a barbering program will help you identify the areas where you need more practice and work to help you improve.

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