December 4, 2013

Student Invents Groundbreaking New Makeup Machine

Megan Cox and her MIT classmates have invented a new cosmetics machine that could potentially revolutionize the beauty industry. The machine, named Mélange, uses innovative mixing technologies that create customized cosmetics to perfectly match a woman’s skin tone. Mélange began as a customized nail polish mixing machine in the spring of 2013. When Megan joined the startup team in April, she convinced her teammates to update the machine to mix all types of cosmetics because she knew it would appeal to a wider group of women.

“I think one of the biggest issues when it comes to makeup is finding a foundation or concealer that matches your skin. Your skin tone is constantly changing between the seasons and you’re forced to buy several different foundations for your kit. It can be really expensive! With Mélange, you get a smaller dose and you can adjust the color whenever you want, so you get a perfect match every time,” Megan said.

The machine uses an innovative technology where women can upload their photo, either directly to the machine or from a smart phone. The machine then provides a perfect color match to their skin tone and also suggests different complimentary cosmetic colors. The user can select a slightly different color variation, then quickly send the formula to the machine for “printing.”

“The analogy we like to use is that Mélange is like Keurig coffee cup with the technology of a 3D printer. You put the bottle in, choose your color, and Mélange produces the makeup for you in minutes,” Megan said.

Mélange is so innovative it impressed a group of successful entrepreneurs at a recent competition between MIT and Harvard students. Megan’s team placed second overall and was awarded $5,000 for legal fees that will be used to secure their patent for Mélange. It was a huge accomplishment because the competition is typically dominated by men. Right now, Megan and her team are working hard to secure funding so they can focus on the product full time after they graduate. The first Mélange prototype is slated to be finished soon and the kick off will take place in the winter of 2014. Megan also plans on attending the International Conference of Esthetics Conference (ICE) in California, where she’ll demonstrate Mélange to beauty professionals from around the world.

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