April 3, 2013

Career Opportunities in Cosmetology Field

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The cosmetology industry offers an abundance of career opportunities. This means for those who graduate cosmetology school and get their cosmetology license, where they want to take their new career is entirely up to them!

Here’s a list of 10 great places to work as a licensed cosmetologist. Take a look – you might be surprised by some of the career opportunities in the hairdressing industry.

Where Do Cosmetologists Work?

  • Salon – Most cosmetology school graduates go on to work behind the chair in a salon. Many beauty professionals enjoy this line of work that allows them to develop their salon skills and socialize with clients. However, even working in a salon gives you different options! You could work as an employee of the salon or as an independent contractor and be paid either salary or commission.
  • Hotel or Resort – Working behind the chair in a hotel or resort is very similar to working behind the chair in a salon, but with a totally different type of clientele. Your clients will be men and women who are taking a vacation or traveling for business. Licensed cosmetologists who work in resorts and hotels say they love meeting new people from all over the world.
  • Salon Owner – If you enjoy working in a salon, but prefer to do things your own way, then perhaps opening your own salon would be a good fit for you. As a salon owner or manager, you’ll get to work with the people you want to work with, offer the services you want to offer, and use only the products that you want to use. Whatever you say goes when you’re the boss!
  • Mobile Stylist– Just because you love styling hair doesn’t mean you need to get stuck working in one place. Mobile hair stylists travel around the country providing hair and makeup service on-site. The highest demand job for mobile stylists is styling for weddings and bridal parties. Wouldn’t it be fun helping brides look gorgeous on their big day?
  • TV/Film – Working behind the scenes on television shows or films, you’ll make sure the actors and actresses have their hair done perfectly every time they step on camera. You’ll be styling hair that matches the style of the time period and possibly even creating special effects for makeup artists. Stylists working in the entertainment industry say the days are long and hard, but also fun and exciting!
  • Theater – Similarly to working on a TV or film production, stage productions are also in need of qualified hair stylists to style hair and makeup. You’ll be doing theatrical hair and makeup that will withstand the powerful stage lights and adds details to the actors’ faces that can be seen all the way in the back rows of the audience.
  • Fashion Industry – Working in the fashion industry, you’ll be behind the scenes styling models’ hair for photo shoots and runway shows. Everyone will be looking to these fashion designers for next season’s must-have looks and this includes hair and makeup. You need to get creative and take risks in order to be a real trend setter and make it in the fashion industry.
  • Platform Artist – Platform artists travel around the world performing on stage at beauty shows and high-profile industry events.  You’ll be showing audience members the latest very techniques in cutting and coloring by demonstrating on live models on stage. The job is equal parts entertaining, educating, and selling.
  • Salon Sales Representative – If you feel passionate about a particular product line, you’d probably do well as a sales representative for the company. Sales Representatives travel around to salons in the area educating their fellow stylists on how to properly use their products. Your job is to know everything there is to know about your product line and get other people excited about it.
  • Cosmetology School – Some cosmetologists want to pass the great tricks they’ve learned from working in the beauty industry down to the next generation of future stylists. Teaching is a rewarding career, especially when you teach something you love. 


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