March 6, 2019

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Salon

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Whether it’s your salon, as in you actually OWN it, or you just want to help out at the salon where you work, promoting it on social media can bring in more clients. Social media channels are crazy popular and most of your customers are probably on multiple platforms. That’s why marketing on social media for your salon is a good idea. But you probably could use some tips to get started.

Start With Your Salon Website

Okay, so technically, your website might not be on social media. Or is it? You do have a Facebook page and Instagram site that leads right to it. Don’t you? Link all your social media platforms and then send all those interested people to your website where they can find out more and book their next appointment. Your website is like your digital home. Is yours one that clients want to enter and enjoy?

Embrace the Selfie

If you’re really thinking social media, embrace the selfie. Jump into before-and -after shots of your over-the-moon satisfied clients and post them EVERYwhere—with your clients’ permission, of course. That means you want to be on Facebook and Instagram and Snap Chat and everywhere else your clients—and future clients—post. Go ahead and set up a selfie station right inside your salon and jump in on the fun! And don’t forget to use some #mysalon #myname hashtags to promote your great work.

Focus on Hair Holidays

Seriously, is there even such a thing as a “hair holiday?” Well sure, why not? Valentine’s Day when you’re prepping for the big date is sort of a hair holiday. And then there’s New Year’s Eve and prom and wedding season. But you can also celebrate National Blonde’s Day in June or Kiss a Brunette Day in July. What hair holiday would your clients care about most? Maybe you could make up one of your own that could go viral on social media.

Participate in Competitions

If you want to build buzz around your personal brand through social media, you’ve got to get out there and do something. Sure, it’s great to post salon selfies and before-and-after shots on Instagram, but add some action and you’ll really wow the crowd. Enter stylist competitions and upload the video to YouTube. Not quite ready to compete? Have someone shoot some smartphone video of you in action at the salon and add the video to all your social media channels.

Or Run Your Own Competition

You already have great prizes in the way of hair styles, manicures, and some all-around pampering. Now just add the competition and promote it all over social media. It can be as simple as guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. Or you can ask your clients to upload a favorite hairstyle or new look and you and your coworkers can judge the contestants. Especially when those new dos came from you, this is a win-win!


Try Some Social Media Facebook Ads

Whether you work at a salon or run one, a little bit of advertising can go a long way. Check out Facebook Ads to target likely new customers with promotions and discounts. The cool thing about Facebook Ads is that you only pay when people click on the ad. Then, once they express an interest by providing you with contact information, you have a nice list of people you can keep in touch with even after you pull the promotion.


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