5 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Valentine’s Night Date    

woman on Valentine's Day

You want to feel sexy and confident for your special Valentine’s date. So how do you get that inner and outer beauty that will leave your other half spellbound? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Valentine’s Night Date!

1) Smooth Your Skin

Tonight’s the night to pull out that hot, skin showing outfit that you’ve been hiding in your closet. And you know what that means – hair removal! Whether you shave, epilate, or wax, that’s only half the battle. Add vibrancy back into your limbs with some body butter or oil. It will hydrate and give your skin a sexy glow.


2) Prep Your Face

Before you add the perfect makeup, make sure you have the perfect palette. Prep your face for the big night out by cleansing well with a mild face scrub or soap. Make it one that’s thorough, but gentle. Remove all your day makeup so you start with a blank canvas. Tonight is a great time to pull out that glowy moisturizer and primer you’ve been wanting to try. As for makeup, you can go full glam or take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to let your natural beauty shine through and just enhance what you already rock. Play up your eyes with some mascara and your lips with that Valentine’s heart red lipstick and you’ll be good to go!


3) Pamper Your Nails

Create a complete look with fresh nails ahead of the big day. Pamper yourself and use the extra “you” time during your manicure to daydream about your babe. You’ll have a clean coat of polish on your nails that will tie the look together and you’ll be in a relaxed frame of mind to bring your best self on the date. Make sure the polish color you choose goes well with your outfit –add, don’t detract or distract.


4) Give Some Love to Your Hair

Treat yourself to a nice, hot shower before heading out for the evening and condition your hair so it shines in candlelight. Once again, play to your hair strengths. If your hair tends to be straight, just enhance it with some de-frizz spray and if your hair is wavy, play up those curls.


5) Reach Out to the Experts

On Valentine’s Day you want to make sure you look like the best version of yourself. If you feel that you could use some assistance in playing to your strengths, Salon Success Academy is here to help! Whether you’re looking for a wax, facial, makeover, mani/pedi, or blowout, we can help with your makeover. But another great way to prepare for your special date is to do a Galentine’s Day. Get a group of your girlfriends together and pick outfits and do your nails together! Or you can all come to one of the salons at Salon Success Academy!


If you’re already a natural at style, hair, makeup, and nails, maybe you’re destined for a career in the beauty industry. Salon Success Academy offers hands-on programs that can prepare you for your dream career. Fill out the form or give us a call at 1-877-987-4247 now to book a campus tour.