How to Impress During Your Salon Interview

The Beauty Buzz wants to get your ready for life after graduation. That’s why we’re writing a five-part ‘Get Hired Series’ that’s dedicated to giving valuable career advice to new stylists. For this third installment, we’ll cover everything you need know about interviewing for a position at a salon or spa.

To get hired at a salon or spa, you’ll have to impress the owner during your interview. Here’s what you need to do before, during, and after your interview to “wow” the owner and leave a lasting impression:

  1. Before you even step in the salon, do your homework. Visit the salon’s website to study the services they offer, the products they sell, and their mission statement.
  2. On the day of the interview, try to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Bring copies of your updated resume, printed on high-quality paper, along with your cosmetology portfolio.
  3. Dress professionally. Remember, it is a stylist’s job to be fashion forward. Wear your hair and makeup in a way that’s trendy, so you show you can deliver the same kind of styles for your clients. As far as your clothing goes, black is always a safe bet in the salon industry.
  4. Be positive and energetic. Salon owners are primarily looking to hire someone with a good attitude and a willingness to learn.
  5. The first interview is usually a preliminary screening. It’s more of a get-to-know-you session. If you’re brought back for a second interview, they might be looking to seal the deal. This interview may include more questions directly relating to the job, like how you would handle specific situations. Some other common interview questions: What does customer service mean to you? Why do you want to be a stylist?
  6. Many salons also incorporate a technical audition into the interviewing processes. Depending on your specialty, a salon owner may ask you to complete a haircut and color, massage, manicure or pedicure.
  7. Ask questions! Remember the salon you work at has to be a good fit for you too. You should try to ask just as many questions as they ask of you. Does the salon have continuing education programs? Is there room for advancement? These are some things you may want to ask before accepting a job.
  8. Remember to always follow up with a thank-you note.

Coming up in the fourth part of this five-part ‘Get Hired Series’ on the Beauty Buzz, we’ll examine the differences between working in a salon and being an independent contractor.