How To Make a Cosmetology Portfolio

When you’re a cosmetologist, having an eye-popping portfolio is a must! Your portfolio will always be the best way to showcase your skills and creativity to your clients and potential employers. It’s a good idea to start taking photos while you’re still in beauty school, this way you’ll have evidence of your work when you graduate and you can use these photos later to market yourself.

Here are some tips on how to get your cosmetology portfolio started:

Variety, Variety, Variety
Select a variety of different models for your portfolio in order to showcase your versatility. Choose photos of different hairstyles – short hair, long hair, up-dos – that highlight your best work. It’s a good idea to take before & after shots of your models to display the drastic changes you’ve made to their appearance.

Hire a Photographer
Consider hiring a professional photographer to help you out. A camera with high resolution and good lighting will help capture every detail of your work. The photographs should be taken up close, blocking out everything but their face, hair and shoulders. Can’t afford a photographer? Just make sure you’re not snapping pictures with your cell phone, unless it offers really high resolution.

Buy a Binder
To construct the actual portfolio, you’ll need to purchase a scrapbook or binder. Mat each photograph onto a heavy sheet of black cardstock. You can make your portfolio more enticing by using color pens and note cards with information about how you created the hairstyle. It’s also a good idea to organize it with dividers, so clients can easily flip to a particular look using the tabs.

Get it Online
When you put your portfolio online, you’re making your work more accessible and more visible to potential employers. Make sure the homepage is eye-catching and that the site includes a photo gallery with high-quality images and short descriptions.

Keep it updated
Styles and trends are constantly changing in the beauty industry. It’s important that your portfolio stay up-to-date with all these changes. One thing that hasn’t changed is that clients always want to be reassured their stylist can create any hair style they request. The best reassurance for them will always be an up-to-date portfolio of your best work. Check out our Infographic to see just how drastically beauty careers have changed over the last century.

We want to know — have you started creating your cosmetology portfolio yet?

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