September 2, 2020

How to Choose the Barbershop Theme That Will Bring in Clients


Going to a barbershop can be just about getting a quick haircut. Or it can be a positive experience that keeps clients continually coming back to the comfort of your chair! How are you going to step up your game and compete with other shops? It starts at the very beginning; with the look, feel, and theme of your space.

Search for Inspiration for Your Barbershop Theme

Start with an online search for barbershops to get some ideas and inspiration. This will give you a good sense of what’s already out there. Who’s doing what? Are they crushing it or missing the mark completely? Do an image search to see what paint colors, décor, chairs, and layouts other barbershops use. Flip through barbershop supply catalogues and scroll through websites. Grab the good ideas, but be careful not to be a copycat. You want to provide your clients with a unique experience they won’t get anywhere else.

Pick a Barbershop Theme You Like

What do you like? What do you hate? It’s your space so it should be your personality. Find great ideas that are great for you. Lots of wood and paneling? Or chrome and glass? If you’re not a film buff, don’t decorate the barbershop in movie posters and film reels. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it looks good for you. You’re the one who has to see the décor every day, so you don’t want a theme you can’t stand. You’ll end up changing it too soon, which can cost you time and money. Instead, use a theme that stays true to you. It will make you smile, and it can be a great conversation starter with your clients.

Look at the Local Barbershop Competition

What do other area barbershops look like? Check online, or better yet, visit some shops in person to get a feel for their vibe. This will give you an idea of what themes you might want to avoid. For instance, if most local barbers use a vintage theme, you may want to use a sports or biker theme to stand out from the crowd. Don’t blend in when you were meant to stand out!

Consider Your Barbershop Location and Clientele

What is your area known for? Is your barbershop located near a sports stadium or a music museum? Are you in an area known for aviation or presidential history? What’s popular in your community? Country music? Street art? Take your clients’ interests and demographics, as well as your location, into consideration. You never know—the perfect theme could be found in your own backyard.

Incorporate Your Barbershop Theme into Your Marketing

Don’t forget that your theme doesn’t begin and end in your barbershop. Your business cards, social media accounts, and website should all reflect your theme, which is also part of how you promote yourself as a barber. Your business is recognized through its branding, so choose something unique and memorable.


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