9 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

If you think you know all the beauty tips and tricks there are out there, think again. Now’s the time to discover the 9 life-changing beauty hacks every woman should know.

1.       Turn your pencil liner into a gel. Hold your pencil to a flame then let it cool for 15 seconds before applying it. Your new softer liner will now apply more smoothly.

2.       Heat your eyelash curler with a hairdryer. Take curled lashes to a whole other level. Aim your hairdryer at your eyelash curler and let cool for a few seconds. The heat on the curler will give your lashes a more dramatic curl that lasts.

3.       Conceal in triangles. Need to hide under eye redness or dark circles? Apply your concealer in a triangle shape pointing downward. Never simply dot it underneath your eyes.

4.       Apply foundation from the center, then blend outward. If you start your foundation at the jaw line or neck, it’s easy to mistakenly apply too much and not blend it properly. Instead, apply it at the center of your face first then blend completely to the outer edges and down the neckline.

5.       Quickly contour in the shape of a 3. Apply bronzer in the shape of a 3 over the side of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline.

6.       Use a pencil or brush tip to find your eyebrows’ natural arch. Never over pluck again! Find your natural arch and simply enhance it with plucking. Follow these rules for the perfect eyebrow shape.

7.       Test the lighting. Make your makeup look great in every lighting. Check your makeup, particularly the foundation, in your car or with your cell phone flashlight to ensure you blended it evenly.

8.       Swap your bath towel for a cotton shirt. Are you tired of battling frizz? Your bath towel might be the culprit. Swap it out it for a cotton shirt when drying your hair. A towel has rough grooves that can damage the hair cuticle. Cotton is a better option to absorb water and leave your hair frizz free.

9.       Spray your perfume in all the right places. Women often think more is better when it comes to spraying on their favorite perfume. Instead of creating a suffocating cloud, spray only where you need to. Gently spritz your chest and wrists. Then, rub your wrists against your earlobes.

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