February 19, 2014

7 Steps to the Perfect Blowout

Your job as a stylist isn’t done once your client’s hair is cut and colored. Before they leave your chair, you’ll need to complete the service with a good blow out and finished style. Blow out skills are essential for delivering quality customer service, mastering client retention, and being an all around successful stylist!

Women are willing to pay to find that perfect blowout, too! Blow out salons are popping up across the country. A blow out will typically run between $35 and $40. If you’re able to master your blow out skills in cosmetology school, you could work in one of these trendy new salons after your graduate and get your cosmetology license.

Here are 7 steps for giving your clients the perfect professional blow out:

  1. Start with Shampoo – The perfect blow out starts with a perfect wash! Begin by wetting your client’s hair, then applying a small amount of shampoo and massaging it into the scalp. After you rinse out the shampoo, apply conditioner to the mid-shaft and the ends of the hair, avoiding the roots.
  2. Towel Dry – Next, towel dry your client’s hair to get rid of excess moisture. Sopping wet hair takes longer to dry and is prone to breakage.
  3. Apply Product – Applying hair product will coat the hair and protect it once you start to blow dry. The type of product you use depends on your client’s hair. If your client has thick and curly hair, apply straightening balm. If your client’s hair is fine, apply a volumizing spray. Shine serum also works well on most types of hair types.
  4. Section the Hair – Next, divide the hair into sections and secure it using clips. The blow out experts suggest sectioning the hair into a mohawk, then blow drying from front to back.
  5. Pick your Brush – Now that you’re ready to start drying, you’ll want to do so using a round styling brush with nylon or boar bristles. These types of brushes are gentle on the hair and will create soft waves full of volume. Metal brushes heat up too fast and can burn the hair.
  6. Begin Blow Drying – As you blow dry, pull the brush through the hair, following the brush with the dryer. Make sure to keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from the scalp and the nozzle pointed down at the hair at all times. This helps the hair cuticle lay flat and minimizes frizz.
  7. Cold Blast – Continue this process until your client’s hair is completely dry. Finally, blast your client’s hair with cool air from the dryer to lock in shine.

It’s important that you tell your clients how to make their finished style last. By using dry shampoo on the roots and sleeping with their locks in a knot, your client’s blow out can last several days.

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