July 17, 2013

4 Tips to Grow Your Clientele with Great Customer Service

Great customer service is essential for growing your clientele and being a successful stylist. If you go above and beyond with customer service and build strong relationships with your client, they’ll stay loyal to you and start sending new clients your way!

Customer services skills are not topics that are covered at every cosmetology school. At Salon Success Academy, customer service is incorporated into nearly every aspect of the cosmetology school curriculum. Each student is required to complete a three-day seminar with guest educator George Miller, one of the top stylists in the beauty industry, who drills students on customer service and client retention. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page to learn more about George Miller’s class at Salon Success Academy.

Here are four things you can do to make your clients extra happy:

1. Make them feel comfortable – Your clients want to feel like you’re a trusted friend. Start off on the right foot with your client by making eye contact and greeting them with a smile. Always use your client’s first name. Try to remember the topics you spoke about last time they were in your chair and ask them for updates. This will help make them feel special and important.

2. Be all ears – You’re not just giving a client a cut and color; you’re selling an experience. Your clients are busy and stressed. When they come to sit in your chair, they’re really looking to escape from their hectic life for a few hours. Resist the temptation to talk about your kids, your work, and your life. Instead, let your client talk about their kids, their work, and their life. Your clients will love to talk and feel understood.

3. Do the small things – It’s the small things that will really impress your clients. These are things like giving a scalp massage during their shampoo, a free makeup touch-up, or a mini-facial. Never underestimate the small things. These complimentary little extras can increase your client retention dramatically!

4. Give them a styling lesson – It’s your responsibility as their stylist to show your clients how they can achieve the same exact finished look at home. Show them how to blow dry or use styling tools to get that desired look. Try recommending products that can help extend the life of their look. Your client will be extremely grateful you did and you might just improve your retailing numbers. For more retailing tips, read How To Boost Your Income After Beauty School.

Salon Success Academy offers hands-on training in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology at its six locations throughout the Inland Empire of California. The school offers flexible class schedules, extensive preparation for the State Board exam, and Financial Aid to those who qualify. If you would like to learn more about training for a new beauty career with Salon Success Academy, fill out the form or call 877-987-HAIR (4247).

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