June 3, 2015

6 Ways Men Can Prevent Razor Burn

Say goodbye to razor burn for good! Painful irritation, a bumpy rash, and razor burn are the last things you want on your freshly shaven face. Here are 6 ways you can prevent razor burn:


1.       Prep your Skin

Preparation before shaving is an important first step to minimize skin irritation. The ideal time to shave is during or immediately after a shower. Warm water and steam from the shower moistens your skin, softens your whiskers and gets you ready for a close shave.


2.       Practice Good Skincare

Good skincare isn’t just for women. Men also need to exfoliate and moisturize to keep your skin healthy and smooth. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and expose ingrown hairs. Regularly apply a moisturizer with SPF protection to soften your skin and prevent further damage.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”0CfUb” via=”no” ]Men need to exfoliate and moisturize to keep their skin healthy[/ctt]

3.       Work with a Sharp, Clean Razor Blade

Use a sharp, clean razor for a close shave. Older blades can cause nicks and cuts and built up bacteria on dirty blades can cause skin irritation. Be sure to clean and sterilize your razor regularly. As you shave, rinse away shaving cream and hair after each stroke.


4.       Shave with the Grain

You can still get a close shave when you shave with the grain and it’s the best way to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. If you still need to go back for a second pass, go across the grain from ear to nose. Find out more ways to get an extra close shave without irritation.


5.       Chisel your Beard

The chiseling technique uses light, short strokes to cut the hair in clean, crisp lines. This technique minimizes nicks and is ideal for shaping your beard just the way you want.


6.       Finish it Off

Gently rinse and clean your face with cold water and pat dry with a towel. The cold water will help close the pores and prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Apply an aftershave moisturizer that doesn’t contain alcohol.


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