December 17, 2014

How to Groom Your Facial Hair

Whether you have a grizzly beard or just a little stubble, grooming and maintaining your facial hair is an important part of every man’s routine. Facial hair can take many forms from beards and mustaches to goatees, sideburns, and even the five o’clock shadow. To achieve a nicely groomed look, you’ll need a simple regimen and a few basic tools.

People often make assumptions based on your appearance. How you groom yourself makes a statement about your personality and personal hygiene. What kind of statement do you want to make?

Maintain first. Whatever style you’re going for, maintenance is key. You’ll need a tool that fits your beard and its growth. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles from fuller beards and a fine-tooth comb on sparser growth. For a polished look, finish off with a regular brush.

Treat your skin with care. Before considering a trim, wash your face with warm water to open up the pores and prepare for a razor. Then, gently pat your skin with a warm, damp towel. Choose a blade that has a movable head that will follow the contours of your face. Always use a clean, sharp razor with two or more blades for a smooth shave. Make sure the blade is not dull, but use caution if it’s brand new. Avoid nicks, razor burn, and ingrown hairs by shaving with the grain. For an extra close shave, use a pre-shave oil for lubrication and stretch the skin slightly with your spare hand as you move the blade.

Trim away. There are many tools out there that can give you the exact look you want. Use beard trimmers and select the setting that allows you to trim to the length you want and hone your personal style. Use a razor to create clean lines around the edge of the hair or to remove it completely. Chisel with short, light strokes to get the right shape.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”ecnq4″ via=”no” ]Use a gentle face moisturizer and beard conditioner to soothe your skin as you grow your beard[/ctt]

Power through the itch. Whether you’re growing a full beard or just haven’t had the time to shave, those whiskers can get itchy. Just like a normal head of hair, wash your facial hair regularly to get rid of dead cells and keep your hair and skin clean. Use a gentle face moisturizer and beard conditioner to soothe your skin with anti-itch proteins and give your beard a healthy shine. You might also consider a beard oil. A few drops as part of your daily routine can help add body, shine and manageability to your growing facial hair

Consult with an expert. If you really want an impressive beard, consult a professional barber. Trained barbers and stylists can help you fashion a beard that fits your face and your personal style. They can also give you helpful grooming tips you can use at home.

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