April 23, 2014

4 Tips for Taking Clients from Brunette to Blonde

Blonde hair and a glowing tan just go together! As the summer temperatures heat up, more women will be asking their stylists to lighten their locks. Going from brunette to blonde can be a complicated process. If it’s not done correctly, you can seriously damage your client’s hair, or turn it a brassy, in-between color that’s not quite blonde and not quite brunette.

So what’s the right way to take your client from brunette to blonde? Here’s a hint – it all starts with a great client consultation. Check out the four tips below to ensure your client is beautifully blonde and as hot as the summer!

Set Expectations – Going from dark to blonde can be a lengthy process that may require several sittings. You should only be taking your client two to three shades lighter with each treatment. Any more and you risk damaging your client’s hair. It’s important that you educate your client that going blonde gradually is the best way to go. They’ll be happier with the end result, when their new blonde locks look healthy and shiny.

Find the Perfect Shade – You should always consider your client’s skin tone and eye color when selecting color. For clients with lighter complexions and blue or green eyes, try lighter shades of blonde like platinum or ash. For clients with darker complexions and brown or hazel eyes, warm golden blondes usually look best.

Add Dimension – The days of root to tip color are long gone! Add some strategically placed highlights to make the blond look more natural. Frame your client’s face with heavier, lighter highlights, and regress the size highlights and lightness of the blonde as you move towards the crown of the head. This will make your client’s hair look as if the sun naturally lightened it.

Maintenance is Key – Part of being a good stylist is educating your clients on how to make their new look last longer. To get the blonde to stick, suggest a color safe shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip the hair of the color. Also, tell your clients to use a deep conditioner that will help replenish protein and add moisture to the hair after a color treatment.

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