September 10, 2014

4 Common Hair Problems Solved

There are as many different hair problems as there are heads of hair! And as a hair stylist, you want to solve them all. That’s not always so easy to do, though. Your clients will be coming to you with lots of different hair problems, caused by such habits as over-processing and over-styling. It’s your job as their stylist to fix whatever hair catastrophe you encounter and educate your clients on the best way to care for their new, shiny locks at home.

Below are some quick fixes to clients’ 4 most common hair problems. Do you have any good hair secrets that you can add to this list? Tell us your best hair remedies by commenting below!

  1. Limp, Lifeless Hair – If your client has fine hair, they need to avoid using too much product, since product adds weight to the hair. Even the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner can weigh down their hair and leave it looking limp and lifeless. Recommend a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid the hair of products and reduce oil on the scalp. And suggest that when it comes to conditioner, they use it sparingly and apply it just to the ends of the hair, and not the roots.
  2. Frizzy Hair – If your client has frizzy hair, it might be caused by over-styling and drying hair on a high heat-high air setting. To help fight the frizz, give your client a lesson on how to blow-dry properly, with the blow dryer pointed down the hair shaft. Near the end, instruct them to blast the hair on a cool air setting, which will help close the hair cuticle and lock in shine. For more tips on blow-drying hair, read these 7 Steps to the Perfect Blowout. [ctt template=”5″ link=”w1CIT” via=”no” ]Skipping a hair-washing will actually slow down oil production[/ctt]
  3. Greasy Hair – Greasy hair is usually caused by the scalp overproducing a natural oil called sebum. It may seem backwards, but the best thing to recommend to your greasy haired client is to wash their hair less, not more. Skipping a wash will actually help slow down the oil production. In between washes, your client can experiment with dry shampoo and powders that are designed to soak up the excess oil. When they’re ready to wash, they should use a light weight shampoo and conditioner only sparingly.
  1. Split Ends – There is only one way to fix your clients’ split ends – cut them off! Split ends occur when the end of the hair becomes dry and brittle, usually because of over-processing and over-styling. Dead hair can’t repair itself, so the split end will only travel further up the hair shaft if left untreated. If your client is continuously dealing with split ends, you should suggest a regular trim, every six to eight weeks. Also advise a deep conditioner once a week for extra protection.

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