March 12, 2014

3 Tips for Giving the Perfect Pixie Cut

The short hair trend has officially taken over Hollywood! It seems like every day there’s a new female celebrity chopping off her long locks.

Contrary to popular belief, short hair looks great on most facial shapes. A short cut will draw more attention to your client’s eyes and bone structure. It’s become less about your client’s face shape and more about whether they actually have the personality and confidence to pull off the bold look.

Hopefully, you mastered how to do a pixie cut while you were in cosmetology school. But, as you’ll see in the  details below, there are many different ways to cut and style a pixie.

If you really want to keep up with the latest hair styles, you’ll need to commit to continuing your education after cosmetology school, so you can be the best stylist you can be!

How do you give your client the perfect pixie cut?

  1. Find the Perfect Shape – There’s a short cut out there for almost everyone; it’s just a matter of finding it! Traditional pixie cuts look the best on oval, square, and heart-shaped faces, and on clients who don’t have kinky or curly hair texture. If your client has a round face, it’s best to go for a slightly longer style, like a “graduated bob,” to elongate the face. Clients with square faces should avoid sharp, angled cuts, and go for bob cuts with soft, tapered ends around their chin. For clients with heart-shaped faces, a short pixie cut with a long, sweeping side bang can help narrow the face and draw attention to their eyes. Your oval-faced clients can definitely pull off the super short look!
  2. Style it Right –There are many different ways to cut a pixie and there are even more ways to style it! The key to the perfect pixie is in the details. You’ll want to style your client’s pixie cut in a way that flatters their face and matches their personal style. You could style it slicked-back and edgy, spiked up and glamorous, or soft and feminine – whatever looks best on your client. Pixie cuts are usually styled with plenty of volume and shine, which means you need to be generous with the product and tease the hair near the crown of the head. If your client wants to wear their pixie spiked up, use a pomade to separate the ends.
  3. Educate Your Client – It’s easy for women to become attached to their hair and feel uncomfortable when they don’t have their long locks to hide behind anymore. Try taking your client shorter gradually to help ease them through the transition. When they’re ready to go really short, it’s your job as their stylist to educate them on how to maintain their new look and style it at home. Remind your client that they’ll have to come in for a fresh cut every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s your job to make sure your clients are totally prepared for their new pixie cut when they first sit down in your chair –and long after they’ve left.

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