August 6, 2014

3 Simple Tips to Better Skincare

Do you long to have flawless skin? There’s nothing more appealing than smooth skin with invisible pores, zero lines and absolutely no redness. But how can you reach such a goal? Here are 3 tips for flawless skin:

[ctt template=”5″ link=”g60sc” via=”no” ]The best trick to healthy skin is also the easiest: keep it hydrated![/ctt]

Hydrate: The best trick to healthy skin is also the easiest: keep it hydrated! Whether your skin is oily, dry or some combination you’ll need to hydrate to achieve and maintain healthy skin.

If your skin has a tendency to be oily, look for “oil free” moisturizers. Even if you’re using a product to dry out oil for acne prevention, you still need to moisturize. Start by using a cleanser, then a toner to remove any leftover dirt and oil. Then use your moisturizer.

If you have dry or combination skin type, look for a beauty facial oil. Don’t let the word “oil” scare you, but be sure to use any facial products with moderation. Argan oil and coconut oil are good for hydration and Argan oil even contains essential fatty acids, vitamin D and antioxidants. A dime sized amount of Argan oil 15 minutes before bed will leave your skin hydrated and replenished by morning. A beauty oil can even work on oily skin. Just a light application before bed time will trick your skin into thinking it has already produced enough oil so it doesn’t produce more. By the time you wake up your skin will be healthy, hydrated and glowing.

Use Vitamins: Your skin needs four essential vitamins:  A, B3, C and E.  Vitamin A helps your skin’s elasticity and smoothness, prevents wrinkles, and fades brown spots. It is found in many night creams and retinoids. Many dermatologists suggest even women in their 20s can benefit from using retinoids to help maintain youthful skin longer. Vitamin B3 increases the production of fatty acids and ceramides which help keep irritants out while keeping moisture in. Products with niacinamide contain Vitamin B3. Vitamin E and Vitamin C work together as a natural sun protector, blocking free radicals, helping with hydration and preventing wrinkles.

Invest in your skin: You don’t need to shell out a lot of money to take good care of your skin. But you do need to invest your time and buy a few good products that suit your individual skin type. Learn about your skin type and test out the products that make sense for you. Your best option is seeing a licensed esthetician who knows the ins and outs of skincare. Skin can be temperamental so trust a professional to advise you on the best route to healthy skin based on your needs. Proper skincare doesn’t need to be expensive but sometimes you and your skin deserve a treat! Remember to take the time to learn about your own skin. Research, test, then invest.

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