September 28, 2021

DIY Special Effects Makeup Tips and Techniques for Halloween

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Do you want to make a statement this Halloween? Or maybe you need that extra touch to stand out with your outfit or Halloween costume? Special effects makeup can simulate bleeding, bruising, scarring, and other types of wounds. And, you can do it all yourself! Here are 3 DIY special effects makeup techniques you should try.

Make Your Own Fake Blood with Corn Syrup and Food Coloring

Fake blood is a must for special effects makeup. Simply mix some corn syrup, red and yellow food coloring, and diaper rash powder that’s high in zinc oxide. Use more or less red and yellow food coloring to achieve the look you want. The diaper rash powder thickens your mixture, making it less transparent.
special effects makeup

Create Deformities and Wounds with Your Makeup

Scary, gruesome special effects can be achieved with everyday household materials. Create warts, scabs, blisters, and rashes using liquid latex. Remember, many people are allergic to latex, so be careful before using it on yourself or others. Latex also sticks to hair, so don’t place the fake wound in a place that might be difficult to remove. First, apply a thin layer of latex to an area of skin. Next, apply some crumpled facial tissues to the latex. Continue to build the layers of latex and tissue. Rearrange the tissues with the tip of a makeup brush while the latex is still wet to get just the right size and shape. Use foundation makeup to naturally blend the wound with your skin. Add red, black, or yellow eye shadow for discoloration to represent bruising.
special effects makeup

Use Special Effects Makeup to Make a Bullet Hole

With the popularity of action films and zombie-themed TV series, every special effects makeup artist should know how to create a fake bullet hole. Dab some liquid latex onto an area of skin. Wrap a piece of dental floss into a small circle and apply it to the latex. Cover the floss in a few layers of latex, keeping it thick in the middle and feathering it outward so that it blends with the skin around the outside of the circle. If you’re creating a bullet hole on a zombie, you don’t need to blend it as much. Use red and black eye shadow for realistic coloring and even add some fake blood.
bullet wound sfx makeup


Just like any DIY project, safety comes first! Be sure that the products you use are non-toxic and safe for use near the skin, nose, and eyes. If you’d like to work behind the scenes transforming an everyday look into something entirely different, then train to become a makeup artist. At Salon Success Academy in California, we can help you get on the path to success in cosmetology and esthetics. Fill out the form on this page or call 877-987-4247 to learn more about our MUD makeup program.






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