October 29, 2014

10 Camera-Ready Hair & Makeup Tips

If you want to do hair and makeup professionally, there will probably come a point in time when you’ll have to show off your best beauty skills in front of the camera. It might be the video portion of your portfolio. Or maybe you’ll wind up working on a photo shoot, TV show, or movie. Will you be ready?

The tricky part about doing hair and makeup for the camera is that it’s just not the same as doing every day hair and makeup for your clients. Some things that look great in person just don’t translate well in pictures or on video. This is especially true for makeup, which tends to photograph about two to three shades lighter.

You’ll be under pressure when the camera is on, so you need to have some tricks up your sleeve to make sure you can pull it off. Here are 10 camera-ready hair & makeup tips to help make sure your models look picture perfect!

  • Prime the Skin – Apply primer to your model’s face as your very first step. It will help reflect light and create the illusion of invisible pores.
  • Create a Flawless Foundation – Use a high definition foundation. You can test the foundation on the jawline to make sure it’s a perfect match. After you’ve applied the foundation, use a concealer to camouflage spots, blemishes, and dark under-eye circles. [ctt template=”5″ link=”BrpgI” via=”no” ]Shimmery bronzers will make the skin look shiny and greasy on camera[/ctt]
  • Shy Away From Shimmer – Stick to matte colors, rather than shimmery finishes. Shimmery bronzers will make the skin look shiny and greasy on camera. Apply extra powder to the forehead and nose because those areas always tend to look extra shiny in photos.
  • Create Chiseled Cheekbones – It’s easy for a model’s face to look washed out in photos and video. Not only will highlighting and contouring bring color back to the face, it will also help chisel the cheekbones, slim the nose, and sculpt the face. Add blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend, blend, blend. Contouring can be kind of tricky to pull off. You can learn how to contour here.
  • Love Liquid Eyeliner – Eyeliner is an absolute must for photos. Apply liquid eyeliner to the outer edge of the lash line to make your model’s eyes appear bigger. Liquid liner will stay on longer and tends not to smudge.
  • Layer on the Mascara – Black mascara looks good on everyone! One coat isn’t enough. Layer it on for a more dramatic look.
  • Fill in the Brows – No look is complete with incomplete eyebrows. Fill in any sparse spots with an eyebrow pencil and shape them carefully. This especially goes for blondes.  Blonde eyebrows tend to disappear in photos.
  • Bold Lip Color – Just like the face, lips can also look washed out in photos. Give your model a bold lip starting with a lip liner and ending with an application of gloss over the lipstick. It will help the lips look fuller and make the teeth look whiter.
  • Bombshell Hair – You want your model’s hair to have some extra oomph in the photos. Use a lightweight shine product to make the hair look extra shiny and healthy. To give the hair more body, gently tease the roots, smooth over, and set with hair spray.
  • Come Prepared – Remember to bring all of the products you used on your model with you when you’re on set. You never know when your model might need a quick touch-up!


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