April 7, 2021

What Does Our Make-Up Designory Program Look Like?

student applying makeup in mud program

Do you love trying out new makeup designs? Are you always watching online tutorials for the latest trends? If you’re thinking about turning your love of makeup into a career, our Make-Up Designory program could be the perfect place for you to get started! Our partnership with MUD Make-Up Designory and licensed professional instructors are just some of the reasons why our program stands out from other schools! Find out what an education with us could look like.

Why Makes MUD Special?

With our school’s partnership, we’re able to teach students through MUD’s curriculum. This means that they learn a variety of makeup fundamentals like the foundations of anatomy and corrections, how to apply makeup to different lip sizes, color correction for all skin types, and multiple other lessons. All of these classes are taught by MUD-certified instructors who know how to work with professional makeup products.

As students learn the techniques, they’ll be able to practice the skill themselves on other classmates to get practical experience. All MUD classes have about 20 students per class. This amount allows students to practice on multiple skin tones and types while still getting plenty of one-on-one time with their instructors.

Who Can Sign Up for Our Program?

This program is available for anyone who has a license in cosmetology or esthetics in the state of California. Since this course is included in our esthetics program, every esthetician student will be able to study these makeup skills. Those in our cosmetology program who are interested in learning will also be able to sign up for this course as an add-on to their program. It’s the perfect way to gain even more beauty skills before pursuing a career in the industry.

Anyone who is looking to start a makeup education with MUD should start with this program. This 80-hour course acts as an introductory course that’s required for students to complete before starting the advanced courses at MUD Make-Up Designory. Students will then be able to
complete the basic class at a cheaper cost compared to taking this program through MUD. All you have to do is show your diploma to MUD and you can continue your makeup journey!

Is There Financial Aid Available for This Program?

Yes, financial aid is available to those who qualify in both cosmetology and esthetics programs. Schedule a tour with our team to find out what financial aid or scholarship opportunities could be waiting for you.

How Does This Program Prepare You for a Career?

Every student will receive a kit while in our program that has everything a makeup artist needs for their career. Some of the tools that are included are foundations and correctors, warm palettes, brushes, sponges, pallet knife, eyeshadows, and high-quality television makeup. This will help students get ready to use any type of tool for any makeup service they could use for their career.

Along with our instructors helping students with their portfolios and other career advice, students also get to complete a makeup application project before graduating from this course. Students decide on what look they want to create and spend their last class making it come to life. It’s important to us that students graduate feeling proud of something they’re able to put in their portfolio.

Monique U, a graduate student from this program, talks about why she thinks this program prepared her for a future in makeup.

“I really liked learning the real way to do makeup. We watch YouTube videos and think we know how to do makeup”, she says. “But actually being able to know the science of makeup and how to formulate foundation and concealer to every skin type was really cool.”

How Do I Get Started

Want to start your future in the makeup world? Contact our team or schedule a tour to find out how you apply for our esthetics or cosmetology program and start the Make-Up Designory course. We can’t wait to help you start the application process!

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