February 26, 2013

What Beauty Industry Deregulation Means For Cosmetology School Students

Right now there are five states considering bills that would deregulate the licensing procedures in the beauty industry. For cosmetology school students and beauty industry professionals, if these bills are passed into law it would cheapen their education and training, since just about anyone would be allowed to work in the field. This legislation is also bad for consumers because it puts their health and safety at risk.

Each state has its own state board of barbering and cosmetology. The board administers testing and licensing for cosmetology school graduates to ensure that they’re held to a certain standard in skillset, safety, and sanitation. The board also handles consumer complaints, sends inspectors in to examine salons and spas, and establishes fines if they’re not following proper procedures.

Deregulation of the beauty industry means these standards would no longer exist. There would be no inspectors to examine salons, no schooling required, no exam, no license, and no consumer complaint process.

This could lead to an increase in cases of infection and disease from administering beauty services. It also poses a serious risk to clients to have tools like scissors, razors and chemicals in the wrong, untrained hands.

“This means when you go and get any beauty service done, you’re doing so at your own risk. Deregulating the licensing procedure will mean literally anyone can perform those services. They’re not going to have any education. They’re not going to have any training. They’re not going to know the proper forms of sanitation,” Tabatha Coffey said in a new Facebook video.

The logic behind these bills is to reduce state spending. The politicians and lobbyists who support this legislation believe the cost of maintaining the state board of cosmetology is too high. They argue that once a customer experiences a bad service, he or she can always find a new stylist “without any risk of serious harm.”

For those who are currently working in the field or are pursuing a new career in the beauty industry, they know how insulting and harmful this legislation truly is. Please help stop these bills by spreading the word and educating your friends, family, and politicians about the possible effects of this harmful legislation. You can also sign to the petition at Change.org  to show your support for the licensed beauty professionals in the state of Indiana.

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