April 3, 2019

Top 10 Hair Colors That Will Be Popular This Spring

girl with a colorful hairstyle

Winter melts into spring and there’s an all-out bloom of color, from what you wear to how you style your hair. If you want to bounce into spring with a brand new look, feel, and color, check out these top 10 hair colors that are sure to be trending this spring.


1. Coral Colors

Pantone is the color swatch king, coming up with a “color of the year,” ever since 2000. It might sound funny that there’s even such a thing but the Pantone Color Matching System is a big deal in the U.S. and throughout the world. And this year’s color is…..drum roll……


Even for hair.

That means top spring colors will have hues of coral and colors like it, including rose, peach, and pink. Take a breath, think soft warm breezes, and a gently lapping ocean magnifying the coral of a Caribbean Sea. Now have your colorist match the image in your head to one on your head!

2. Faded Pastels

Pastels are hot—even if they look totally cool. Think of faded florals like lilac, lavender, and dusty rose, and fruity colors of watermelon, peach, and grapefruit. Add some pale blues and billowy cotton candies. The colors of summer are the hair colors of spring. Mix them all together for rainbow hair that’s as fun as the season. Or add just a peek of pastel that’s hidden in an up-do, and comes out in full flow when you let your hair down.

3. Soft Silvers

It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 55, silver is a trending hair color that’s bold, edgy, and sexy! Smokey grey, stunning platinum, ice, ash, white—whatever shade of silver you choose, you can go all-in, or just add-on. Silvers serve as accent to pale peaches and roses, or fun contrast to dark browns and blacks. These trending metallics grab the light and the eye of any passersby.

4. Buttery Blonde

Buttery blonde, à la Carrie Underwood, is warm, soft, and sweet. Unlike its platinum counterpart, this color is a natural fit to the spring season. But professional cosmetologists know that whatever spring blonde you choose, you need to match your skin and your eyes. What caramel and honey highlights or lowlights will bring out the best in yours?

5. Wood Tones

The wild woods of nature are an inspiration for hair color. Rich red mahogany, blonde oak, cherrywood, ash, teak, and African walnut are just a few hair colors pulled from nature that are hot for spring and fall. Especially popular is natural wood brown that can be classically worn with loose waves.

6. Dirty Brunette

Who says it’s only blondes who have all the fun? Instead of dirty blonde, go for dirty brunette! It’s a fun take on the old idea of making blonde believable. Lighten your brown hair with bright strips that surround your face, complement your complexion, and add oomph to your natural texture. Just make sure not to go too bold. Your colorist should accent only a couple shades lighter than your natural base.

7. Black and Blue

Super dark hair grabs the sun—and moon—light and reflects it with an inky bold look. Try jet black hair, with a hint of blue. It makes a stunning statement, while also being easy to maintain. Make sure you’ve got the skin tone to pull it off, though. It’s better for dark, olive, and neutral tones, as the stark contrast will make fairer skin tones looked washed out.

8. Jewel Toned

Weave jewel-toned colors into your natural hair color for a look that’s as bedazzled as you are. What jewels will you sport?

  • Ruby Red
  • Emerald Green
  • Diamond White
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Opal Pink
  • Amethyst Purple

Chose a single color to add in, or pair up your favorites.

9. Shadow Roots

Remember when ombre and balayage hairstyles were all the rage? The trends gave us all permission to have darker roots and a stark or gradual color change. This spring, a newer trend called shadow roots is taking root. Your natural roots come through as part of your new color or your colorist creates a new root shade and blends it. Either way, your roots become an intended focus of an overall look.

10. Reverse Ombre

Speaking of that ‘ol ombre, it’s time to turn it on its head! The ombre’s distinct divide that goes dark to light is ready for spring when you turn light to dark. Celebs like Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow have given it a try and they rock the look. Will you?


Whether you want to give these spring hair colors a try yourself in a salon appointment, or intend to provide the colors to clients, Salon Success Academy can teach you how. Check out our Cosmetology Program, offered at all six of our California beauty school campuses. Fill out the form to schedule a school tour now.

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