July 15, 2015

How to Be Successful in Barbering School

If grooming and cutting men’s hair is your dream, then barbering school could make that dream come true. Becoming a successful barber starts with excellent training. Find a program that’s right for you and follow these 4 tips to be successful in barbering school:

Be Social

A successful barber is a social barber. Put yourself and your talent out there –in the real and virtual world. Explore new, unique methods and styles through social media channels. Instagram, blogs, and YouTube are great places to find and share inspiration. Watch video tutorials to learn new techniques and refresh what you learn in class. Create your own Instagram account, blog, or YouTube channel, dedicated to growing your barbering career. As you practice and refine your techniques in the school salon, share before and after pictures. As your talents grow, so will your followers.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”f4FA_” via=”no” ]Put your yourself and your barbering talent out their on social media[/ctt]

Treat School like Your Job

When you enter barbering school, school is your job; treat it like one.  Arrive to class a few minutes early, well-prepared and ready to give it your all. Take thorough notes and ask questions. Be an active class participant, interacting with your instructors and your classmates. Do your best work all day, every day. And if you’re having trouble learning a technique or if something’s going on in your life that might interfere with your success, don’t hesitate to let your instructors know. They want you to succeed too!

Treasure the Tools of your Trade

Professional barbers would never be caught without their trusty tools and neither should you! Your barbering program kit includes all sorts of useful educational materials and tools to help you train and become a successful barber. A handy belt helps keep all your barbering tools organized. Clean and sterilize them regularly and be sure to replace razor blades the moment they become dull.

Look the Part

If you want your future clients to trust you and your expertise, you need to live and breathe good grooming techniques. A shaggy, uneven beard won’t show your instructors or future clients that you’re serious about becoming a barber. Attend class with a clean, polished look and look the part of a barber wherever you go.

At Salon Success Academy, we can help you achieve success during school and after you graduate. Our barbering program will give you the hands-on training you need. Check out our new campus, coming soon to Riverside, CA, conveniently located off of State Route 91. Call (877) 987-4247 to schedule your tour today!







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