January 17, 2018

How to Stay Current on The Latest Barbering Trends

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Whether you’re still in Barbering School, have already passed the State Board Exam or have been working the trade for years, you need to get current to get clients. To keep ahead of the curve, you need to network, read trade journals and magazines, and of course use social media! Here’s what you should do to stay current on all the top barbering trends:



You will spend a whole lot of time with your coworkers so use their experience to your advantage. Talk about your industry face-to-face with colleagues. Their insight can be both engaging and also extremely helpful. Attend conferences and local events like barber battles, and sign up for trainings; always keep learning and connecting. All of these will help keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry.

Trade Journals and Magazines

Subscribe to journals and trade magazines and when you finish reading them, leave them out for others to read. Send the message that you care about what’s happening and you want your coworkers and clients to care too. Even if you’re reading fashion and sports magazine, look for inspiration. You’ll find lots of style suggestions buried in the pages of lots of different magazines. What do celebrities and sports figures find hot?  You may even want to tear the images and articles out so you can copy good ideas in your own shop. Organize your finding into folders so you can grab the info in a pinch.

Websites, Blogs and Social Media

There are hundreds of blogs and online news sites chalk full of information relevant to your profession. Search the internet for a few that interest you and check back regularly. Take a look at YouTube tutorials, a listen to podcasts, and a glimpse at Instagram users who post about barbering. Video and audio interviews with industry experts can be especially helpful. And don’t forget to share what you learn with  your clients; they want to know that you know what’s happening in the industry. Keep them interested and involved every time they walk through the door.

Social media isn’t just great for advertising; it’s a great way to build a virtual community. Set up social accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and invite your clients to like and share. Not only will they see what you’re doing, but you can follow them back and see what new trends they are interested in. Always be on the lookout. You never know what you might discover.

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