July 1, 2020

What Questions Should You Ask About Summer Waxing?

summer wax

What’s the one thing that doesn’t look good with a swimsuit? Body hair. As you dust off your bikini or swim trunks, you may realize that it’s time for your seasonal waxing. But before you even walk through the door of the salon, there are some important things to know about the process. These are the questions should you ask about summer waxing:  

Question 1: How Long Does Hair Need to Be Before Waxing?

The general rule of thumb is ¼ -1/2 inch in length. If the hair is too long, it can break instead of being pulled out by the root, which can cause ingrown hairs. If it’s too short, the wax may not adhere to it well enough to remove it. So if your hair too long, shave and then wait two to three weeks for the hair to grow out to correct length before you book your appointment. 

Question 2: Should I Exfoliate Before a Summer Wax? 

Yes. Exfoliate with a sponge or washcloth 24 to 48 hours prior to waxing. This will remove dead skin, and make it less likely that the wax will pull your skin (ouch!). It will also help to pull the hair out more efficiently and leave you with a smoother finish.  

Question 3: How Can I Avoid Ingrown Hairs After Waxing?

The first two steps—correct hair length and exfoliation prior to waxing—are a good start. Two to three days after you’ve been waxed, exfoliate again. This will help the hair push through the follicle with ease as it regrowsYou should also moisturize your skin with a hydrating lotion or cream after a wax to keep the dead skin cells at bay.  

Question 4: What If I End Up with an Ingrown Hair Anyway?

If you do get an ingrown hair, leave it alone. Don’t pick it or pluck it. You could cause an infection or create a scar. Instead, soak a cloth in milk and leave it on the inflamed area for 10 minutes. The lactic acidosis will soothe the soreness and redness. Repeat the process two to three times a day. Or, apply hydrocortisone cream to the area.  

Question 5: Can I Make the Summer Waxing Process Hurt Less?

Lets face it: Waxing hurts. But you can make the process less painful. Take an ibuprofen about 30 to 60 minutes before getting waxed. This will help take the edge off the pain, especially if you decide to get your most sensitive areas waxed. What you don’t want to do is drink caffeine or alcohol, or smoke before your appointment. You’ll only increase the acidity in your body, which will make your skin more sensitive to pain. 

Question 6: How Long Will the Summer Wax Last?

Expect the results to last three to six weeks, but the length will depend on your rate of hair growth. Your hair growth is stimulated by heat, so it does grow faster during the summer. You can help to slow the rate of growth by avoiding the sauna and jacuzzi, and by taking fewer hot showers and baths. When you’re in the sun, wear SPF and stay in the shade as much as possible. 


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