February 25, 2015

Learn How to Prevent Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

cucumber facial treatment

If you want to look young and refreshed, start by preventing one of the most pesky skin problems: dark circles. Learn from the experts at Salon Success Academy how to prevent dark circles under your eyes. Add this process to your next DIY facial.

What Are Dark Circles?

When blood vessels underneath your skin’s surface become more visible, it can leave you looking tired, unhealthy, and much older than you actually are. These dark shadows under the eyes can be caused by a lack of sleep, stress, long hours in front of your computer, dehydration, allergies, aging, or even genetics. Here’s what you can do to prevent or minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

How to Prevent Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

  • Discover what caused the dark circles. Understanding why you have dark circles under your eyes is the first step to treating them. For example, if it’s a lack of sleep that’s to blame, aim to get to bed a little earlier so that you can lock in at least 7 to 8 hours per night. If allergies are the culprit, speak to your doctor about treatment options. If your genetic makeup means that your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, a retinoid cream high in vitamin A may fade the dark melanin pigment and increase collagen to make your skin less transparent. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water for overall good health and hydration.
  • Treat your dark circles. Rinse your face with cold water. Hot water can worsen puffiness and make the dark circles more obvious. Use a cold compress such as chilled cucumber slices, tea bags, or a damp washcloth. Lay flat and set the compress on your eyelids for at least 10 minutes.
  • Protect your face with moisturizer. You should use moisturizer with SPF protection daily, especially on the face. Sun damage can worsen and exaggerate dark circles under your eyes. Keep the thin, delicate under eye skin moisturized to prevent drying.
  • Apply concealer under your eyes. Use a brush, blender sponge, or your ring finger to dab on some concealer. To create the illusion that your face is lifted, apply it in a downward pointing triangle. A little goes a long way, so blend well to get just the right amount of coverage.

Don’t let dark circles under your eyes ruin your look! If home remedies don’t work, consult a professional esthetician to see if there’s a facial or skin therapy treatment that will combat this skin discoloration.


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