August 12, 2022

Mrs. Stephanie Abeyta Retires After 20 Years of Teaching Cosmetology

Mrs. Stephanie Abeyta Retires After 20 Years of Teaching Cosmetology

Mrs. Stephanie Abeyta has made a huge impact on Salon Success Academy and we will greatly miss her after 20 years of teaching. Passionate for hair since she was sixteen, Stephanie has now been a part of the beauty industry for more than 40 years. Stephanie had an amazing career as a cosmetologist for 24 years. When she saw the impact she could have on clients, she decided to become an instructor and share her knowledge and passion with others.

After making the decision to teach, she interviewed with Robert Gross. Robert, owner and president of Salon Success Academy since 1991, recently passed away this year. Stephanie is forever grateful for the opportunity Robert gave her in being able to teach and that she had the opportunity to begin her journey here. She continues to share her experience and love for being a part of the Salon Success Academy family.

Stephanie’s Impact on Her Clients

Stephanie was always someone who went above and beyond in creating client satisfaction. She had an eye for style and color. Her greatest passion was to create styles and convince clients to try something new, so that they could feel more confident.

Later in her career, Stephanie became the director at the Fontana Campus. During that time, she became very close to a particular client. That client wanted Stephanie to meet her father. She married her client’s father who has now been Stephanie’s husband for 12 years.

Stephanie’s Impact on Her Students

Stephanie had such a love for her students and was there for them even outside of the classroom. She felt she was able to impact each student in a positive way, whether they were struggling at home or in class.

One student was in an abusive relationship and Stephanie had encouraged her to get out of it. Today, that student is in a happy relationship with her husband. Stephanie remembers mentoring students who had drug addictions or went to jail. She would always go above and beyond in helping her students in any way she could. She had enjoyed her experience as an instructor and looked forward to teaching every day.

Advice For Cosmetology Students

As a cosmetology professional, Stephanie learned the importance of always giving clients 100%. She encouraged students to listen, so that clients feel valued and are happy with their results. A successful cosmetologist is someone who talks about clients and their needs. This means avoiding sharing too much about themselves. When a cosmetologist listens, the client is more likely to trust them.

Keep up with the trends! She said to not be afraid to change up styles a bit and encourage clients to try something new. Be creative and come up with new ideas that inspire clients and help them feel more confident.

A New Chapter

Stephanie retired Thursday, July 14, 2022. Her plan after retirement is to enjoy her time and brand new boat with her husband. She plans to continue to visit the school and substitute teach when needed.

She expressed her love and gratitude for Robert, the staff, instructors, and students. Stephanie would like to thank her husband, family, Megan, Jeff, Kyle, Christina, and Yvette for their love and support. She enjoyed her experience very much and Salon Success Academy won’t be the same without her.


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