February 9, 2016

How To Use Instagram To Build Your Clientele

Are you already on Instagram? Why not use this visual platform to make your beauty industry career into a success? Instagram is a great place to highlight your skills, develop a following, and build your clientele. Here’s how:

Create a Personal and Professional Balance

Create a professional Instagram account that’s separate from your personal one. Use your professional account strictly for your beauty career. This doesn’t mean you can’t highlight your personal style and personality. Have fun with the images and captions you create! Share a variety of content such asinspirational or funny quotes, tips, video tutorials, and before and after photos.

Produce Quality Images

Use the many apps that are at your fingertips to produce high quality images. There are numerous video editing tools that will help you create collages, slideshows, and well-polished images. You can add overlay text or even insert a custom watermark.

Properly Hashtag

Go hashtag heavy, especially early on as you build your account. This allows users who search for beauty related hashtags to find you easily. Keep your hashtags relevant and precise. Tag the service, style, technique, and product lines you use. Consider creating your own unique hashtag for you and your brand.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”wt5j4″ via=”no” ]Use hastags for the service, style, technique, and product lines you use[/ctt]

Be Consistent

Your Instagram account should reflect a certain brand image and voice. If you use filters, stick to just a few to maintain a consistent look. Post no more than twice a day at times that make the most sense for your audience. Experiment with different times to determine which will maximize your visibility and engagement. Try times when your potential clients are most likely to check their phones such as first thing in the morning, lunchtime, or in the evening. To have success in the beauty industry, you need to build a strong clientele. Develop your brand and professional relationships both in person and online through great customer service and social media. Salon Success Academy can help you develop the skills you need to be successful. We offer quality career training, a variety of programs, and passionate instructors who are knowledgeable industry professionals.

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