November 27, 2013

How to Successfully Raise Your Prices as a Cosmetologist

People who work more traditional jobs often get pay raises at regular intervals or as they improve their professional skills. But cosmetologists don’t work traditional jobs. They work behind the chair, expressing their creativity, and making their clients feel beautiful. Every day is different for a cosmetologist, and getting a raise is different for them, too.

When your cosmetology skills have improved because you’ve received additional training, or your operational costs have increased considerably, it may be time to raise your prices. Increasing your prices is  something that you’ll have to deal with at some point after you graduate cosmetology school and get your license and there’s a right way and wrong way to do it.

Every time you raise your prices, you risk losing some of your clients. Money is a sensitive subject and if you aproach this topic the wrong way, you could risk losing clients. But if you raise your prices the right way, your loyal customers will stay loyal to you, and you could  also gain some new, higher paying clients.

In cosmetology school, you’ll learn essential customer service and client retention skills that will help you manuver this move successfully. Here are some additional steps to help you keep your clients happy, even as you raise your prices.

1)  Supply and Demand – The rule of thumb about raising your prices is that it should not be done randomly, but rather as a response to your services being in higher demand. You shouldn’t even think about raising your prices unless you’re regularly  booked solid for back-to-back months.

2)  Make it Reasonable – Price increases can vary from salon to salon, but the beauty industry standard seems to be 10 to 20 percent. Any more and you’ll risk scaring your clients away.

3)  Give Notice – It’s a good idea to tell your clients about the change in your prices before their next appointment. Most cosmetologists like to give their clients a solid 60 days notice.

4)  Special Discount – For your loyal clientele, offer a special discount to make up for some of the extra money they’ll have to spend.  Even though it may be a one-time thing, it means a lot to your clients and shows them that you’re committed to them.

5)  Offer Options – For your clients who simply can’t afford your higher prices, offer to set them up with a junior stylist who may  be closer to  their price range.  You can give the other stylist advice on how the client likes their hair done and keep their business in your salon.

Raising your prices is the key to advancing your professional career and increasing your income. If you have good reason to raise your prices and you’ve fully prepared your clients for the change, then there’s no reason to be scared! When you handle the subject the right way, your clients will understand the price increase and begin to value your work even more.

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