How to Rock the Split Dye Hair Trend

split dye hair style

You’re ready to dye your hair, but you’re not sure which color, blue or teal. Great news—you don’t have to choose! Just rock split dyed hair.

If you’ve ever seen Cruella de Vil, you know exactly what split dyed hair is. It’s when you split your hair equally down the middle and dye the right side one color and the left side a different color. If you want to give this trend a try, here’s what you need to know:

Choose Your Colors Carefully

Metallic colors are in, so you might choose a striking silver for one side and a bright, bold orange for the other. Then someone asks you if you’re going to be a Martian for Halloween and you realize that orange and silver may not have been the best color choice.

The great thing about split dyed hair is you get to be creative, but you also want to make sure the two colors you choose look good side by side. This especially applies for a DIY look—in case the dye bleeds, you want to make sure the colors don’t mix into something that resembles pea soup. Here are some popular matches:

  • Pastels—Pastel tones, like baby pink and baby blue, mint green and lavender, look great next to each other.
  • Complementary Colors—These are the colors across from each other on the color wheel, like blue and orange or red and green.
  • Black and Blonde—Make the blonde white for a truly villainous look.
  • One Natural Side—Pick a crazy color for one side of your head and keep the other natural. Bonus: It’s less work!

Hair Tips for the DIYer

Split dyeing hair can be tricky for a beginner, which is why many people go to the salon to get it done. But if you want to tackle this trend yourself, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use the same brand of dye. Chemicals from different brands can adversely interact and cause a hair disaster.
  • Put Vaseline on your scalp where the hair parts to prevent the color from bleeding. Also rub some on your ears, forehead and neck to keep the dye from coloring your skin.
  • Wash both sections separately. Tie up one side and wash the other to prevent bleeding. Repeat the process for the other side.

Challenges of Split Dye

If you like easy, breezy dye jobs, split dye isn’t for you. If you want to maintain the look, it takes twice the dye and twice the time. And if you choose to grow it out, have patience and remember that your split dye job will turn into a tri-color rainbow when your roots start to grow out.

Also keep your job and any upcoming events in mind. If you work in a conservative environment, your split dye job may be frowned upon. Or, if you have an upcoming job interview or wedding to attend, you may want to wait until after those events to dye your hair.


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