August 14, 2013

How to Pass Your GED For Cosmetology School

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When you know you’re destined to work in the beauty industry, traditional high school courses can seem boring and pointless. However, without these high school courses, you may not meet the requirements to get into cosmetology school.

Do You Need a High School Diploma to Go to Cosmetology School?

New changes now require incoming cosmetology school students to have their high school diploma or GED in order to receive financial aid.

So, if you want to go to cosmetology school, but you dropped out of high school as a teenager, you have no choice but to obtain your GED. The good news is once you pass the exam, you’ll be able to apply for Financial Aid and begin cosmetology school!

What Is a GED?

GED stands for General Equivalency Development or General Educational Diploma. The tests determine whether a person has the level of knowledge of a high-school graduate. It consists of five subject tests – Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math.

How Do I Register for My GED?

You’ll need to contact your local testing center to figure out the testing dates and fees. Testing centers usually offer the test several times each month and will charge about $150 on average to take the test.

How Do I Prepare to Take my GED?

There are tons of GED preparation materials available in stores and online. Your testing center may also have a free website or program available to help you prepare, so ask them about it when you call to register.

What Do I need to Take My GED?

You’ll need to show a valid ID the day of the test. Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, a military ID, a U.S. or foreign passport, or an ID card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles

How Is the GED Scored?

GED scores for each of the five tests are reported as “standard scores” which range from 200 to 800. To pass the test in California, you must receive a standard score of at least 410 on each of the tests and receive an average standard score of 450 or higher overall.

How Do I Know if I Passed the GED?

Test results are posted to on a secure Internet site that only the testing centers have access to. People who pass will receive a California High School Equivalency Certificate and an Official Report of Test Results in the mail about six to eight weeks after their testing date.

For more information on local testing centers, frequently asked questions, and sample GED tests, please see the California Department of Education’s website.


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