June 13, 2018

How to Make Sure Your Makeup Lasts on Sweaty Summer Days

Look cool this summer, even if the summer sun has you feeling hot and sweaty. Here are 7 of our top tips to keep your face fresh no matter the temperature or the weather:


Keep your body cool from the inside out. You should have at least 8 to 9 glasses of water every day—even more if you’re active. Feel good- look good!

Wait a Minute

Do you apply makeup fresh out of the shower? Next time, wait 5-10 minutes after your shower to allow your body to cool down. Why? Applying makeup to warm skin makes it absorb faster and can result in a less polished. It can also cause to breakouts! If you’re in a hurry, splash some cold water on your face.

Use a Primer

Primers help your makeup adhere better to your skin and last longer. They can also cut down on shine later in the day. Make sure to apply primer after your moisturizer but before you put on your foundation for optimal results.

Avoid Heavy Foundations

Just like you have winter and summer clothes, you should have different makeup depending on the weather. During the warmer months skip the heavy foundation. Instead, opt for a lighter either oil-free or tinted moisturizer. Heavy, full coverage foundations are more likely to melt and slip on hot, sweaty skin. Check out more tips on how to keep your foundation looking fresh.

Switch from Powders to Creams

Powders can cake in the heat so make the switch to cream blushes and eye shadows. You can also use an eyelid primer if you find your eye makeup runs.

Go Water Resistant

Water resistant mascaras and eyeliners will last best in the heat and humidity. So when you can, say yes to water resistant anything.

Apply a Facial Mist

Refresh your makeup throughout the day or night with a facial mist. Facial mists help you cool down and set your makeup so your look lasts long into those summer nights. Choose a mist infused with rose water or rosemary for additional facial skin benefits and an awesome scent.

Sweat-proof makeup can be hard to achieve but our tips might help. Do you have any of your own? We’d love to hear about them. If you want to stay up-to-date on all things beauty, check out our blog regularly. And if you’re ready to turn your passion into a career, fill out the form to learn more about Salon Success Academy and all that we offer. We have six locations throughout the Inland Empire area.

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