October 16, 2013

Hot Hair Color Trends for Fall 2013

As a licensed hair stylist, it’s your responsibility to always know which hair colors are in style so you can tell your clients. Remember, your education shouldn’t end at cosmetology school. You need to be constantly aware of new color formulas and cutting techniques, so you can be the best stylist you can be!

The new hair color trends this season are warm, rich, and vibrant. There’s a little something for everyone on this list of fall 2013 hair color trends! It’s your job to suggest which hair color which will look best on your clients, so it matches their skin tone, eye color, and personal style.

We’ve included photos and helpful application tips for all of the fall 2013 hair color trends below. Now you can help your clients transition to fall with a fabulous and trendy new hair color!

Buttery Blonde

While many of your clients may opt for darker shades as the temperature starts to drop, you’ll always have some clients who will want to stay blonde. For your clients who want to be a blonde all year round, a warmer, buttery blonde is the way to go. This hair color is characterized by platinum blonde highlights, with golden yellow pieces framing the face. This shade looks best on clients who have an olive or beige complexion. 

                                                                                                                                                                     Honey Blonde

If your blonde client wants to go a shade darker, but isn’t ready to take the plunge and become a full-on brunette, then try suggesting a honey blonde hair color. It’s the perfect combination of brown and blonde hues, which makes it multi-dimensional and completely natural looking. You can achieve this look on your client by coloring the hair warm brown all-over and adding fine streaks of golden blonde.


For your clients who dare to go to red, a darker, cinnamon shade of red is the hair color trend for fall 2013. This cinnamon color contains highlights that reflect the light, making hair look super shiny and healthy! The warm tones are very flattering on clients with fair skin tones, who have green or brown eyes.  

Chestnut Brown

Brunettes and autumn go together! It’s just the way it is! The shade of brown that’s most popular this fall is chestnut brown. This medium brown color with golden tones warms the complexion and looks good on everyone. To give your client this look, start with a dark brown base and add some caramel highlights to frame the face.

Chocolate Brown

If your client is willing to go darker and make a bold statement this fall, then suggest dark chocolate brown. No need to add any highlights! An all-over chocolate brown application will make your client’s hair look sleek and shiny. This color looks best on those with darker and olive skin tones.


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