Here’s What You Need in Your Summer Beauty Bag

beauty bag for summertime

Whether it’s a bulky beach bag or an off-the-shoulder summertime purse, make sure you have some summer essentials in your beauty bag. Here are a few must-haves. Can you think of any others? Let us know!


Tinted Moisturizer

Who wants to wear thick, cakey foundation in the sweltering heat? No one! Instead, switch out your heavy winter foundation for a light tinted moisturizer. Typically, tinted moisturizers come in 3-5 shades ranging from light to tan and are very sheer –making them ideal to layer. Ask an esthetician what shade would work well for you or test out the shade on your jawline to see how well the color matches your natural skin tone. Look for a moisturizer with a built in sunscreen so you can conceal and protect your beautiful skin!


Hydrating Mist

Get your glow on with a hydrating mist. Mists help perk up your skin with some hydration and glow. Try a mist with essential oils like rose water for a relaxing scent plus bonus nutrients. Hydrating mists are also ideal for setting your makeup. So, if you’re making your way from a beach party to a cocktail party, simple apply your makeup and spritz the mist to help set the makeup and add a natural looking glow.


Texturizing Spray

Straight hair problems? Vying for those beach waves? Spritz your hair when you get out of the pool, ocean, or lake for an easy beach look! If you need to tame your mane, before applying any spray use a wet to dry brush or a bristle brush (also a must for your beauty bag) so that the brush doesn’t hurt your scalp. Better yet, toss a detangler in your bag and spray it on the ends of your hair.



Don’t bake it- fake it. It is important to keep your face out of the sum to prevent wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging. The sun ages you, so don’t let it. Keep your bronzer handy. Use one with a highlighter to radiate day and night.


Waterproof –everything!

Even though you will be spending lots of time in the sun you need to be prepared for the water too! Use a waterproof mascara and liner to help prevent your makeup from running down your face. Make sure to try several waterproof mascaras before “settling” on the perfect one. Some cake and flake, while others are too difficult to remove.


Pass the water –please! Water will flush toxins from your body. It will improve your skin tone and keep down belly fat—so you will look and feel your best in that sexy two piece suit. Did you know that you should have at least eight glasses of water each day? Even more when you are out about in the sun. But water doesn’t have to be boring. Add fruit like oranges and lemons or cucumbers and mint leaves for a refreshing taste.

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