January 12, 2017

Here’s What You Need to do For Acne Prone Skin

can facials help acne?

Don’t let acne stop you! Acne can be caused from a hormone boost, greasy makeup, or even family genes. Maybe it started in your early teens, or, you began experiencing breakouts later in life. Either way, acne is both bothersome and embarrassing. BUT it can be treated. To reduce acne and its damage to your skin, follow these 5 tips:



Choose a cleanser formulated specifically for acne prone skin. Most often these products contain either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. The higher the dosage the more aggressive the treatment. If you have sensitive skin, try a gentler cleanser like CeraVe. Use your hands to apply the cleanser, as washcloths can be abrasive and cause acne sores to rupture. While acne can be caused by dirt and oil stuck in your pores, over washing your face can cause your glands to product even more oil. Wash your face but don’t overdo it!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”cm283″ via=”no” ]Use your hands to apply your cleanser as wash clothes can be abrasive and cause #acne sores to rupture[/ctt] 


You may be tempted to skip moisturizing your skin with the idea that it will help dry up your pimples. Don’t do it! It is essential that your skin gets moisturized, especially during the colder months. What you can do is make sure to use a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer, which will not aggravate acne. There are an abundance of oil-free moisturizers on the market that are designed specifically for acne-prone skin. This type of product may be your best option.



If you wear makeup, look for an oil-free foundation. Although you may be tempted to hide your breakouts, steer clear of packing on layers of foundation. The heavier the makeup or product, the more likely your pores are to get blocked which may cause a flare-up of acne. Learn how to pick the best foundation for your skin type, here.



If you want to do right by your skin, add regular facials to your routine. A facial administered by a professional esthetician can rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating dead skin and stimulating new skin cell growth.  Your esthetician can recommend over-the-counter products for acne treatment, and help keep your skin clean and clear.



Your acne shouldn’t define you and if it starts to interfere with your self-confidence, seek a dermatologist’s expert opinion, advice, and treatment.

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