November 5, 2014

Hair Stylist to the Stars: A Path to Get There

Celebrities are always in the spotlight and feel the pressure to look good all the time. As a professional hair stylist, you could become a key member of a celebrity’s glam squad helping music artists, movie stars, athletes, models, and reality stars look and feel their beautiful best! If this sounds like the career for you, you’ll have to work long and hard and follow these 4 steps on your path to becoming a hair stylist to the stars:

[ctt template=”5″ link=”6q771″ via=”no” ]Participate in an externship program to build your skillset and find your individual style.[/ctt]

Get a good education.

First you’ll need to master the techniques! Attend a beauty school that will give you the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training you’ll need to kick start your career. Participate in an externship program to build your skillset and find your individual style. Become a master at all things hair! Develop a portfolio where you can highlight your work and make sure you share it in-person and online.

Do your research.

Educate yourself about the latest trends and be an active member of the beauty and style community. Read as many entertainment magazines as you can get your hands on. If you want to be a hair stylist to the stars, you need to know who they are and what tools, products, and trends they’re interested in. And look for educational opportunities wherever you can! The broader your base of knowledge, the more you’ll have to offer your clients.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Put your passion into overdrive and get as much experience as possible. Refine your skills and take the time you’ll need to adjust to the fast paced environment of the beauty industry. Apply your knowledge and skills with a wide range of clients with varying hair types, styles, and personalities. Practice on yourself, family, and friends. The more you practice, the more prepared you’ll be to work behind the scenes at photo shoots, music videos, television and movie sets, concerts, and red carpet events. Lots of practice will help you develop the confidence you need to do a great job and get noticed by all the right people.


Build professional relationships with students and instructors you meet at beauty school and coworkers you work with at salons. These people can help you get referrals, build your clientele, and serve as positive references for future jobs. Attend competitions, shows and events with other beauty professionals. Reach out to professional agents who represent celebrities and show them your portfolio. Tell them to keep you in mind and that you’re willing to be on-call. You never know what might happen next. If a celebrity’s regular stylist can’t make it, the agent will have your name and contact info and you could become the next celebrity stylist!

If you dream of someday becoming a hair stylist to the stars, you need to take that very first step! Get cosmetology training that works! Salon Success Academy is a beauty school in California that offers in-depth, hands-on training in cosmetology and esthetics, as well as extensive preparation for the State Board exam, and financial aid to those who qualify. Call 877-987-4247 to get started today!

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