May 4, 2016

Hair and Makeup Styles Straight from Coachella 2016

If you want to rock a bohemian style or simply be up on the latest styles, Coachella is your place for inspiration. In addition to the thousands of people who recently flocked to Indio, California for the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, were some great fashion trends you could embrace as your own. Try these hair and makeup styles straight from Coachella 2016:

Handy Headbands

Headbands are no longer for 1960 related theme parties. They have made their way back into modern fashion. You can go for a hippy-style headband, add flowers, or bling it up with embellishments. You don’t have to be a 60s flower child to rock a headband. Many celebrities are bringing this style to the red carpet, with fancier looks. Choose a skinny one to gently hold your center part in place or a decorative scarf to secure your messy pony.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”5Tyq5″ via=”no” ]A bohemian style bandana is an easy DIY project. Learn how[/ctt]

Bohemian Bandanas

For the hippie at heart, a bohemian style bandana is an easy DIY project. Use your favorite decorative bandana or scarf to fold it around the top part of your head and hair. Tie it in the back or the side and let the remaining material carelessly fall to reveal its pattern.

Embellished Eyes

Coachella makeup is about letting your eyes speak for themselves. Add drama and make them pop with long, full fake lashes. Many people even add embellishments above their eyebrows. Or instead, add some glitz and sparkle with metallic, Balmain inspired eyeshadow.

Colorful Ombré

You’ll be music festival ready with a Kylie Jenner inspired ombré. Blues and teals are in, and yes, that means for hair color, too. Just like any color, obey the fifth commandment – start small and build it up. Very deep blues and teals blend best on darker hair. If your hair is a brown, try a maroon shade, but only blended at the ends.

Textured, Carefree Hair

The popular music festival is more than just flower crowns. It’s about a low key look that’ll last throughout the warm California days. Add texturing spray with sea salt to your roots to give your hair some body. Scrunch your hair, especially at the ends, to make it not-so-straight. Whether you have fine, thick, straight, or curly hair, you too, can achieve carefree, loose waves that’ll last all day and night.

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