February 11, 2015

How to Clean Cosmetic Brushes the Right Way

Quality cosmetic brushes can be expensive, so you’ll want to protect your investment by taking really good care of them. It only takes a few minutes a week to ensure clean, soft cosmetic brushes that will last a long time.

Your brushes can collect makeup, dirt, debris, dead skin cells, bacteria, and oils. All these residues can make them feel rough and scratchy and reduce their effectiveness. Regular brush maintenance is especially important for people with sensitive skin. Dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and even cause allergic reactions.

Restore your brushes to their original softness with regular maintenance

[ctt template=”5″ link=”pB92R” via=”no” ]Your cosmetic brushes should be cleaned at least once a week[/ctt]

Brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. Simply rinse with lukewarm water and unscented, mild soap. Start by holding the brush with the bristles facing downward and gently swirling the bristles on a bar of soap. Rinse with warm water, waiting until the water runs clear from the brush. Avoid submerging the entire brush in the water because moisture can become trapped in the metal shaft, resulting in rust and eventually causing the bristles to fall out. Once the soap is fully rinsed out of your brush, place it on a towel to dry for a few hours or overnight. Never use a wet or damp brush. It could not only ruin your makeup, but also the brush itself

Removing eyeliner or eye shadow from certain brushes can be problematic. Fine tip liner applicators, for example, can become sticky with liquid liner or lip color. To clean these smaller brushes, dab them with a small drop of olive oil. Then, thoroughly rinse with soap and water.

Even if you give your brushes all the attention they deserve, they will eventually need to be replaced. If a brush becomes misshaped or starts shedding its bristles, then it’s time to get a new one.

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