December 14, 2016

How to Pick the Best Foundation for Your Skin Type

foundation tips for your skin type

Stop and stare! At how flawless your foundation can make your skin look—if you know what to do. Match your product to your skin type:

Find your undertone

Look at your veins on the underside of your wrists. Are they mostly a purple or blue color? Or are they a greenish yellow?  If you said mostly blue or purple, you have cool undertones; if they’re more a greenish yellow, you have warm undertones; and if your veins look like a mix of all of the colors, your undertones are neutral.

Determine Your Skin Type


Do you suffer from flaky dry skin? Choose a liquid or stick foundation. Both types have a creamy consistency to deliver moisture to the skin and offer more coverage than regular pressed powders. Look for emollients such as glycerin, lanolin, or ceramides. If you want a lighter coverage try a tinted moisturizer. Learn more about how to treat dry skin, here.


Use oil-free liquid or powder foundation if you have oily skin. Wet/dry mattifying powders tend to last better than liquid foundation. You can always seal in the oil-free liquid with a powder which will help absorb oil. If you’re prone to breakouts, use a foundation that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help dry up the oil-producing glands that can cause acne.


Chances are you have combination skin if your skin is neither dry nor oily. You can go both ways with combination skin; try a liquid or a powder. Simply, apply powder to your t-zone to absorb oil and liquid everywhere else. Powder foundation allows you to distribute more of the oil-absorbing makeup where you need it and less where you don’t, without leaving visible lines

Try Before You Buy

Before you invest in the foundation of your dreams, ask a professional for some facial advice. Department stores that sell makeup usually have consultants that will help you make a selection. Stores like Sephora, where the beauty professionals are not commission based, are a good option if you’re worried about being pressured to purchase. Test out the foundation on the back of your hand or apply with a sponge along your jawline or collar bone.

Have more tips and tricks? Share them with us! And check out the Salon Success Academy Esthetician programs for hands-on training on the latest in professional skincare, makeup techniques, and more! Call 877-987-HAIR (4247) today to find out more.


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