August 30, 2017

The Best Back-to-School Beauty Tips for You

woman using dry shampoo

With school right around the corner it’s time to put your best fashion foot forward. Eyebrow tinting, dry shampoo, what’s right for you? Here is a rundown of the best beauty tips and products that we think will keep you on top of your beauty game all year round:

Pre-Wash and Dry

Is your beautiful long hair a bit of a beast to tame in the morning? Skip your morning wash and blow dry and do it the night before. If you’re worried about your hair looking flat, sleep with curlers. It may sound old school but for thick and full hair, it does the trick. Or you can do a quick fix with heat rollers or a curling wand to re-style your magnificent mane in the morning.

Do the Morning Right

Do you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Catch a few extra Zs by shortening up your daily beauty routine. Here’s how:

  1. First, cleanse your face thoroughly and gently
  2. Choose a tined moisturizer to kill two beauty birds with one stone
  3. Apply a bronzer to give your skin a healthy glow
  4. Add a quick touch of mascara
  5. Finally, spray a hydrating rose water to set your makeup


Dry Shampoo

Want to know what this year’s miracle product is? Dry shampoo. They are everywhere for every type of hair in almost every scent. Does your hair look slept in—because you did—or does it look little greasy after a long day? Dry shampoo will fix those hair glitches—and more! Depending on the brand, you’re either going to spray it or use your fingers to apply dry shampoo powder to your roots. Let it sit for a couple minutes and make sure to get any powder residue out when you’re done.

Try Fake Eyelashes

Another way to save some time is to remove another task. Instead of spending  time applying and reapplying your mascara, get that great look of long lashes without daily maintenance. It’s easy! You can buy a lash kit from your local drug store or beauty supply shop to do it at home. Or you can go to a salon and get the process done professionally (this typically lasts longer).

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