5 Easy Care Summer Hairstyles for Men

Men's Summer Hairstyle

It’s time to shear that winter mane, but you’re not sure what style to choose. Don’t worry! The barbers-in-training at Salon Success Academy have you covered. We’ll work with you to find the style that’s perfect for you. But check out these 5 hot summer hairstyles for men and decide if any of them are right for you.

Buzz Cut

It wouldn’t be summer without someone getting a buzz cut. Are you bold enough to give it a go? If your head isn’t perfectly round or you have lighter hair – you can still rock this style. Just make sure to set your clippers above a 1-grade so your hair is slightly longer. It’ll hide imperfections, while still giving you a cool summer look


Ask your barber for a gradual fade without shaving the sides of your hair or the back. An undercut looks best when it’s styled with paste because it is so pliable. Apply the product to your fingers first and rub them together to make sure the product is evenly distributed. Run your fingers like a comb lightly through your hair and go. To easily refresh the look throughout the day, just run your fingers through your hair. Easy enough!


This style works for all hair types because short hair with just a little movement looks great on just about everyone. The fringe style isn’t as severe as a buzz cut but is still short enough to keep you cool when summer temperatures rise. This look is best achieved by leaving your short hair a little long along the forehead, sideburns or just behind your ears –pick one, not all, otherwise your hair will just look like it needs to be cut! When you visit your local barbershop make sure they know NOT to taper down the hair to the skin. You want flexibility.

High Fade with Comb Over

Channel your inner Maroon 5 and The Voice judge, Adam Levine, with a modern take on a high fade. Adam’s style is casual for everyday but looks polished enough to be red carpet ready. Because of the higher hair height, you have a lot of styling options but pomade works best!

Uniform Length

Growing your hair out? This look is a great transitional style while your hair is not all that short but not yet long. It is an unconventional style where the hair is all one length, pushed up and left messy. You need at least three inches of hair so that you can get lots of texture and movement into it.

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