December 12, 2018

5 Need-to-Know Winter Hair Care Tips for Men

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As the season turns from pumpkin spice to gingerbread, changes in the weather can affect your hair. Don’t let them! Here are 5 need-to-know winter hair care tips for men.


You may think that all your hair troubles are tied to the weather. But there can be lots of reasons for dry, itchy, flaky skin that affect your hair. One of the first things you should consider is what you eat. Do you change up your eating habits in the winter? If your diet consists of carb-heavy foods in the winter, it could affect your hair. A lack of proper nutrients isn’t good for you or your hair.  So even through the holidays, try to get in those fruit and veggies!


Of course, the colder weather does affect your hair but not in the way you might think. Your hair might frizz or be super staticky because you’re going from hot to cold, like when you walk from the freezing street to a heated store. A great way to avoid frizz for men especially, is to add a smoothing product before you start your day. A product that will smooth the cuticle and form a boundary between your hair shaft and the water in the air, will keep moisture locked in so that your individual strands won’t kink out.


Many people are more prone to stress during the colder, darker months, especially when your body craves Vitamin D. Worry and stress can trigger a ton of hair problems like dandruff, itchiness, and greasiness. Stress can even cause hair loss. To avoid these common winter side effects, try using a scalp toner every day to help prevent sebum from building up. But the best way to combat these symptoms is to get to the root cause: stress. Try to manage your stress levels with some light exercise, meditation—really whatever gets you to relax.


This might sound counter-intuitive, since a hat will keep you nice and toasty this winter, but hats actually aren’t that great for your hair. If you wear hats too much, they can make your hair greasy, itchy, and sweaty. If you absolutely need to wear a hat, you’ll want to restore some volume to your hat hair. To do so, apply some dry shampoo (in a pinch, even baby powder will do), leave it for a few minutes and then brush it out. This will help your head and hair feel refreshed and revived.


During this bitter cold season, we often get lazy, which means we might not get to the barbershop as often as we should. As your hair becomes thick and heavy it can add more build-up to your scalp. Men should be sure that throughout the winter, you continue to get your hair cut at least every three to six weeks. This will keep your hair healthy and light throughout the winter.


To all you guys out there, keep these tips in mind throughout the winter season. You’ll thank yourself in the long run for taking care of your hair. And if you already know all about these tips, maybe you’d make a great Barber! What are you waiting for? Check out the Barbering Program at Salon Success Academy. We offer our Barbering Program at our RiversideUpland, and West Covina campuses.

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